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Multicam Rifleman

Multicam...the pattern for today's fashion conscious operator. I still really like the original Crye styled BDUs with the integrated pads, since first time i saw it on GRAW.

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I had no idea all this gear was around in 2010. Turns out, these FAST helmets were officially used in 2009 and those types of pants were made in UCP as far back as 2004
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DEVGRU Blue Squadron is best squadron
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Someone's uploaded this as their own  Multi Cam! by ODST-Art45
Astounding piece. He literally is fully covered from top to bottom. What is the rifle btw?
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I am pretty sure that is MK14.
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god DAMN!! I love your work man.
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May I use this picture?
Would you be interested in helping me create a logo for a veterans assistance non profit organization using something very similar to this drawing?  Contact me!  Thanks...
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excellent colouring, can you help me with some of my dudes? i designed them fairly well but when it comes to colouring i'm not too great :|
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Real important question. Do you know of any websites, or video tutorials on youtube that'll help teach how to draw tactically correct figures like this in comic book style? I'm just already assuming a lot of the channels would only teach how to draw them in non-tactical/unrealistic Rambo stance type stuff when portraying military-esque stuff in their art work.
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 Hey man, i'll try to answer your question as best as I can, and what I think is more important: getting the figure anatomically correct. Tactically correct is simply a matter of doing research on your part on what you would like your character to be kitted out in, weapons, helmet, vest, etc. I get annoyed when I see extremely talented artists, get lazy when it comes to drawing a rifle and butcher in some weird M-16/ak-47 hybrid-frankenstein gun as with the internet today, drawing any particular weapon is not an issue with the TONS of reference material out there.

So my advice would be firstly, to get your character anatomically correct. Second, go search up loads of visual references of today's combat troops: Snipers, commando units, riflemen, support gunners, grenadiers, etc. Observe what the common poses are, hand positions, how the weapons are held at rest/fire/ready etc, what kind of gear can be mixed and matched (A ghillie suit and a FAST helmet clearly wouldnt!).

Hope this helps with your question, but feel free to ask if you have any others. :) Cheers.
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The thing I hate most is that I can only find instructional videos on how to draw people in that Rambo type pose as opposed to alert-to-the-dirt or when they teach how to draw someone firing from the hip. 
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Hey dude… take some photos of a buddy in the correct tactical positions...then you can have them exactly the way you want… You can also video him/her doing individual movement and then pause the video or take stills to use as models for action scenes… i.e. buddy rushing or throwing a grenade.  Do some with PT gear on and some with full gear (or close to it) to see how the fabric folds… cheers
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Good to go. Thanks man.
ARMA 3 could help in some way, if you can have it.
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Did you draw/paint the Multicam yourself? looks ruddy brilliant either way
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love my issued MC
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Cool image.

However, it would have more impact to it without the added cartoon caption of "Multicam".

I recommend removing the caption (it distracts from the image) and let the details within the speak for itself. :nod:


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"let the details within the speak for itself"

- should read as follows -

"let the details within the image speak for itself"
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