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MGS - 4 Raiden Returns

Another for th MGS series! The return of Raiden! 7 years has done him good, and away with th sissy boy look. Now hes bad-ass...! Only thing tt gets to me, are th weird heel thingys...Anyways, hope u dig!

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MGS & Raiden are copyright Konami
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Bruh raiden is a bad ass

Can you draw like Ashley Woods?

We're currently working on a remake of the original MSX game, Metal Gear and are currently recruiting artists to manage the cutscenes (going to be in the style of Peace Walker/Graphic Novels).

If you/someone you know may be up for the job or just eager to see what it's all about, then please contact me at;

You can also check the progress of the project at,…

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Rose. I'm done running.
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You are a man among men.

You rock hard dewd!

And thanks for submitting this to In The Pixels.


And if it's at all possible, please consider joining.
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I love this art. Waiting for MGSR. :)
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In the words of DMC 'Smokin Sick Style!' XD
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Wow he's a beautiful man!
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nice flexibility
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FTW! I love his glowing red eyes. A++
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Too freakin sweet! This is a sweet pose! And the brush strokes really make this look amazing!
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raiden is sick take a look at mine comments are helpful so plz do we are all learning after all so subscribe your comments are appreciated [link]
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I love his stance. He looks so awesome like this : )
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Heel thingys are for gripping his sword...when a guy can wield a sword with his should stand near him.
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Excellent piece of art, i love it.
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im kind of turned on............. jk
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thats so kick ass
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The 'weird heely things' are just so a sword can be held with the foot.

Overall, a pretty good picture. Well done.
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beautiful piece! really flowing and dynamic
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