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I am Lightning

Just HAD to do another follow up to the Snake piece. After all, whats MGS without its ensemble cast of unique characters besides Snake?

"I am Lightning, the rain transformed."

'Raiden'; 'Metal Gear' is copyright 2008 Konami
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is this art up for sale 
What did you work with to do it?
Am i the only that think the fans of a character can do betters things then the actual creators?
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wow, love it.
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Time for Jack...TO LET 'ER RIP!
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The rain transformed...
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why does everyone now associate cyborgs with genji...

metal gear solid existed way before that. and raiden is 10x cooler
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Genji is full cyborg and he's the best
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First of all, Raiden is fully mechanical from his top jaw down to his feet. Only his nose, eyes, and brain are at least partially human. He's also a "full-cyborg".

Raiden can essentially freeze time and can precisely choose where he slices. He's insanely good with a sword - he fought 10+ enemies wielding the sword with his teeth. Plus, as an added badass-bonus, he literally feeds on the energy of other cyborgs by ripping out their spines and crushing it over his face.

Genji? What, he can throw shurikens that deal like 28 damage, double jump, climb walls, dash in and out of combat, and occasionally pulls out his sword to kill enemies once his ult meter gets to 100%.

Obviously, Raiden is better
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...And they run when the sun comes up
With their lives on the line
For a while
(No choice)
Gotta follow the laws of the wild
With their lives on the line
(No choice)
Out here only the strong survive
Raiden Remembers The Memes 
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Oh oh oh oh hoooo wonderfullll
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I saw this being sold on Amazon...
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May I use this as my wallpaper? 
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Yes you may dude. :)
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Thanks, I really appreciate it.
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Thanks for this man, used it as reference in a sketch!
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