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Daily Deviation
October 25, 2009
The suggester wrote, "Now talk about classy and useful! Not only does Wize Man's Belt by ~Marcusstratus look good, but it even has a holster for scissors! His work is a wonderful combination of the Steampunk ideals, being useful and stylish. I think this deviant has great things in store and I can't wait to see what his next piece of work will be."
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Wize Man's Belt



Finally some close ups of my leather belt. Here you can see the 2 permanent pouches on my right side and behind me. The large one I keep my wallet in, phone, jewelry purse and lucky rock, as well as chopsticks. The Cylindrical pouch I keep pencils, markers, screwdriver, mini hammer, jaw harp, etc. in. It's more of a misc. pouch.

On my left side I interchange numerous things including my knife, my scissors, and my astrolabe pouch. I also always keep my rags clipped to the belt when I'm wearing it.
Sometimes I'll also put my book on my left side, but most often I have it attached to some other grommet. I also keep my coin purse dangling off of the belt sometimes as well.

The trinkets you see on the right side include a cayenne powder filled canister (for food, wounds, you name it) a silver Cashew nut and a 3, yes that's right, sided pecan. Not just a two sided pecan, but a 3 sided. Both the nuts I cast when I was in high school jewelry class.

It's dyed vegetable tanned leather with brass and brass plated (because some things you just can't get in solid brass :() hardware.

I figure there's more work in making one of these then a leather messenger bag or backpack.

Photo's by Aaron Trigg

*EDIT* Wow! Wonderfull! Thanks all for checking out my Daily Deviation :D Many thanks for the new :+fav:
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Wow that's super creative! Nice belt to be able to hold and carry things on!