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Wanderers Jacks



Here's my latest pair of SteepleJacks. This is pretty much the final design, 2 tones, gathered pant into cuff instead of 1:1 seam, single row of buttons on the fly, vent at the side of the leg for air conditioning, and plenty of loops on the waistband for junk. These are also my favorite pants to wear... so far... so I'm seen wearing them alot.

I'm also sporting my new 12" scissors to replace the ones I dropped off a table and nicked the cutting edge. I made a belt sheath for the scissors, but it doesn't fit them nearly as well as it was intended, so I'll be making another one in the future, when I've got the leather to do so.

The fancy stitching on the front is all done by hand. I marked it out in pencil first and then stitched over the lines with hemp.

So yeah, if you commission a pair from me nowadays, this is what they'd look like... but in different colours and all that.

I'll be posting a deviation that has detail shots later on...
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long shot: how do I get a pair of these?