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Wanderers Jacks

Here's my latest pair of SteepleJacks. This is pretty much the final design, 2 tones, gathered pant into cuff instead of 1:1 seam, single row of buttons on the fly, vent at the side of the leg for air conditioning, and plenty of loops on the waistband for junk. These are also my favorite pants to wear... so far... so I'm seen wearing them alot.

I'm also sporting my new 12" scissors to replace the ones I dropped off a table and nicked the cutting edge. I made a belt sheath for the scissors, but it doesn't fit them nearly as well as it was intended, so I'll be making another one in the future, when I've got the leather to do so.

The fancy stitching on the front is all done by hand. I marked it out in pencil first and then stitched over the lines with hemp.

So yeah, if you commission a pair from me nowadays, this is what they'd look like... but in different colours and all that.

I'll be posting a deviation that has detail shots later on...
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I have had an idea for a pair of pants like this for a while now but im not quite sure how to go about all that stuff since i am usually sewing large things... (tent canvas) Any tips or inspiration/ pattern links for what you worked from to get this style?
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Greetings! The design is taken from Japanese construction worker apparel, or specifically nikka zubon (or slang "Nikka Bokka", Japanese form of Knickerbockers). Search for terms such as Tobi, Toraichi (both are different brands) or the terms previously mentioned. Also, here's a quick Wikipedia article.…

A basic pattern can be seen here:… This shows what the pants look like if they were folded flat. Mine have a seperate cuff from the pant leg, instead of it tapering into the cuff.
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Finally! I've been looking for a reference photo of baggy pants for a character I'm making, but I haven't found one I like until know. I love everything about these pants, almost to the point that I want a pair for myself. Don't know when I'd wear them, but I'll figure it out. All your stuff looks awesome, man, great job.
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Aye, the best ones I've made are these: 
 Brown Denim Hybrid Jacks by Marcusstratus
I've pretty much been wearing them straight for a year and a half
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Nice work guy Love dress cut???pleaseeeeee Clap 
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Thanks mate! What do you mean by dress cut? I may be unfamiliar with that term
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How can i get this pants?
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This might be a silly question, but the canvas you use for your clothes, is it painters canvas, or is it a different kind of canvas?
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It's canvas I find at fabric stores... I think commonly referred to as duck canvas.
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Okay, awesome! I was worried I would have to search high and low for it! Thanks for replying, and awesome clothes! I really love them.
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These pants.... They are epic. I want them.... 0.0
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Are you still doing commissions on these?
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Currently I've got too much on my plate to accept more work. Thanks for asking though!
Of course! good luck :)
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Hi, do you mind if i use these as inspiration for a pair of pants i'm thinking of making to my drow costume? I need to make a new a bit warmer pair since it's -15 C outside atm... I'm thinking about making them in wool (as the green part) and skin ( as the brown part) to be litle more weather resistant xD
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Certainly! Are you familiar with ~Lastwear? They have several styles as well which you may find inspirational [link] I'm rather fond of your Drow pieces, thanks for asking!
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Man, these turned out great! I really love how comfortable and "real" they look. A lot of custom clothing tends to look stiff and unrealistic, if that makes sense. LOVE the color combo, and that awesome stitching on the front!!
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Oh yes, I definitely like differentiating my designs as clothes, not costumes. Things made as costumes are always of a horrible fabric and made poorly, the opposite of what I aim for :D
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Hello again :)

I think I am finally ready to create one pants of such a kind for myself now. You told me ... 2 years ago or such ... that you made your own patterns for that. So I guess even if you would like to, there wouldn´t be a way that you can send me those as a pdf or such, correct? But they are inspired by the japanese worker pants, eh? So I can order one of these.

Also, do you know where I get a pattern of the barrock-jackets that you used some time quite cheap? I am a poor performing artist and social worker, so I am quite greatful if you could help me finding a cheap source.

Take care and good bye for now
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