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Masque of Red Death Noir

My submission to Seventh Sanctum's Classic Cooler Competition [link]

Using the Classic Cooler generator [link] I came up with the result "The Masque of Red Death (Edgar Allen Poe) with a film noir feel".

This gritty detective film centralizes on the introspective private eye (played by Alec Bishop), who is seeking the truth behind a serial killer known only to the public as Red Death. However, gangster boss "Prince" Prospero (Eldridge Webb) has displayed his contempt for Red Death by throwing a grand party for all the legal (and illegal) upper class of the city. It's now up to the private eye to infiltrate this party, for surely the challenge will not go unnoticed to Red Death.

The look for Red Death (upper left) was inspired by the costume worn by the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, who appeared as Red Death himself at a masquerade.
The actor names were generated with Seventh Sanctum's quick name generator [link]
The tagline is a direct quote from the original short story [link]
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Very nice. You know, Poe was the father of Detective Fiction. And I bet he would've like seeing his work like this.
ClearRoseCreations's avatar
wicked cool :)

Sounds like it would be a good movie.
FirePwnsAll's avatar
Impressive. The Masque of Red Death was my favorite short story from Edgar Allen Poe and if this were a real movie, I'd definitely watch it. Hope you win the contest. Good luck.
RemySwan's avatar
Very cool! ^^ My favorite short story by Edgar Allen Poe as a gritty detective film...a great combination. Good luck in the contest!
CabbyHat's avatar
Very cool! I'd definitely watch this movie. Good choice, and good luck in the contest!
Elainatehkitty's avatar
I would go see this movie too. If only Hollywood bothered to look at sites like these, we wouldn't be getting films we wouldn't like. Y'know?
CabbyHat's avatar
Totally. Anybody have James Cameron's number?
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