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Myth of the Guardians
    In the depths of Mythology, there are great beasts, that as Harbingers for their Gods. Woden, Tör, Tyr, Fregah, Freg, Hjalmer, Lokir, and Helar. Woden is The ÅllWolf, the Beast of The Hunt and Destruction. Tör is the ThorBear, the Beast of the Storm and Disasters. Tyr is The KriegEagle, the Beast of The Sky and War. Fregah is the VatenHorse, the Beastess of The Seas and Predictions. Freg is the SkugHorse, brother of Fregah, the Beast of The Night and Death.
    Hjalmer is the Kraken, the Beast of The Depths and The Swarm. Lokir is the FuskFox, the Beastess of The Lie and Falsehood. And last, but certainly not least, is Helar. Child of Freg and Lokir, Helar is the Beastess of The Void and The Dead. They are collectively known as The Nine Beasts, The Harbringers, or simply The Nine. They are feared, honoured and worshiped as Gods.
    Every one of them has distinct features and tell-tale signs of their presenc
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A shadow, It hides in the dark, the darkest corner of his mind. Its always been there, since the beginning. And It can never disappear, only with him. But now, It comes out of the Dark, and into the Light. A great, blazing, obsidian Wolf. Its eyes burn a dull ruby red, its mane ends in razor sharp edges, and his fur is a coat of blades.
"How can you call me an ally, when the moment you touch me, your hand is flayed." Growls the Wolf, embers sparking out of his maw. "How can I aide you, when I try to pull you out of danger, danger You sought out, only to cut off your limb."
Why do I have this Beast within? Or is it without? "Tell me, Wolf, What is your name?" Echos your voice into the Light that surrounds the Wolf.
"I am Woden, the AllWolf." Howls the Wolf, his maw an inferno of sparks. "AllWolf?" Your voice puzzles.
"Every shadow, every bit of shade, that corner of your eye, the pits of your mind. I'm there." Answers Woden, leaning closer to You, small embers pattering onto th
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The Free-Hander's Return by MarcusMettalus The Free-Hander's Return :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0
Mature content
The Gods' Calling :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0
I'm Sick of holding the Line by MarcusMettalus I'm Sick of holding the Line :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 2 Creeeeeed by MarcusMettalus Creeeeeed :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 1 0 VoidRaven 'Dark Eldar Ed' by MarcusMettalus VoidRaven 'Dark Eldar Ed' :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0
Allfather's Wrath
After a thousand year war
The heathen Gods made the world
As I know it
They walk among us secretly
Guiding us on a hidden path
As I see it
If you anger the Gods
Their fury will be most divine
As I felt it
They are alive and well
Watching over us all
As I wish it
Leman Russ,
I hear you,
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Hive Fleet Nidhoggr Beta by MarcusMettalus Hive Fleet Nidhoggr Beta :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 1 0 Hive Fleet Nidhoggr by MarcusMettalus Hive Fleet Nidhoggr :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 1 3 Sprues pt.2 by MarcusMettalus Sprues pt.2 :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0 Sprues pt.1 by MarcusMettalus Sprues pt.1 :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 3 Cover - Tutorial by MarcusMettalus Cover - Tutorial :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0
Mature content
So, What ya made of? :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 0
The Path of the Stranger
The planet of Kachan was a barren world. Lifeless, cold and desolate. What little life there was, took the form of small insectile creatures. This was before they came.
When the spacefaring Eldar came upon this planet, they had been on the run for millennia. They had grown tired and weary, seeking safe haven. With is planet in their view, the people prayed to their goddess Isha to brea life into this new world. The Fair Maiden did just so. The planet bloomed into a wild flower. Continent stretching rain forests sprung at the poles, rivers and oceans leaked thru rents in the planet's skin. The small insects morphed into horse-sized beasts of burden.
Their small Craftworld landed upon the last of the barren plains, seeping into the loose earth, creating it's own under city. The forests piled around the Craftworld, venting massive amounts of oxygen into the sky. Halaer Maldae approached the Ivory Tower's base, the cornerstone of the ship's support system and her domain. A small r
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Mature content
Truth :iconmarcusmettalus:MarcusMettalus 0 4


Warhammer: The Great Crusade
Warhammer 40000: The Great Crusade
• Horus was never swayed by Chaos, so Lorgar had to do his Heresy alone
• Only the Night Lords, the Eclipse and the White Crusaders joined Lorgar
• Horus led the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Iron Hands at the Word Bearer homeworld, while the Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Thousand Sons stroke against Kor Phaeron near Ultramar; Imperial Fists, Death Guard, Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors attacked the Night Lords, and the Raven Guard, White Scars and Salamanders went against the Eclipse and the White Crusaders
• The Traitors are defeated at the Holy Terra and Chaos is severely weakened
• Codex Astartes is altered heavily by the Emperor, before being put to use by Roboute Guilliman
• The Tyranid and Ork invasions cause less damage, thanks to the large numbers of Space Marines
• STCs are discovered on worlds and the Imperium becomes more advanced and 'orderly' (plasma weapons w
:iconshadowlegionnaire:ShadowLegionnaire 30 93
Eldar Guardian by Naznamy Eldar Guardian :iconnaznamy:Naznamy 129 3 Rogue Trader Eldar by thevampiredio Rogue Trader Eldar :iconthevampiredio:thevampiredio 358 302 You Take Yourself Too Seriously by Arteaus You Take Yourself Too Seriously :iconarteaus:Arteaus 123 50 Mama Snake Space Marine by DiePestArzt Mama Snake Space Marine :icondiepestarzt:DiePestArzt 67 7 Water Caste Lady by Sexual-Yeti Water Caste Lady :iconsexual-yeti:Sexual-Yeti 296 75 In Suramar by Zeon-in-a-tree In Suramar :iconzeon-in-a-tree:Zeon-in-a-tree 236 29 Comm:: Miri'Xen by upshdragoon Comm:: Miri'Xen :iconupshdragoon:upshdragoon 562 22 Comm:: Miri'Xen by upshdragoon Comm:: Miri'Xen :iconupshdragoon:upshdragoon 224 6 Commission Livs Bloodelf by DavidSondered Commission Livs Bloodelf :icondavidsondered:DavidSondered 251 7
How To: Making a Transformers OC
Helpful Links You Will Need
Myers Briggs Test | Myers Briggs Portraits | Mary-Sue Definition | Mary-Sue Test | Text RP For Beginners
Transformers Design Tutorial Part 1 | Transformers Design Tutorial Part 2 | Free-For-Use Bio Form
Oftentimes when someone is introduced to a fandom and they turn out to become big fans of it, the desire to create an Original Character (OC) for the fandom arises. Transformers is no d
:iconone-for-sorrow:One-For-Sorrow 578 194
Troublesome Paradise by DarkerEve
Mature content
Troublesome Paradise :icondarkereve:DarkerEve 1,223 37
ValkyraFenryka by DavidSondered ValkyraFenryka :icondavidsondered:DavidSondered 247 136 Waterfall by Zombiesmile
Mature content
Waterfall :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 2,026 144
Hel Smite by SpiritAJ Hel Smite :iconspiritaj:SpiritAJ 160 2 The Norns by IrenHorrors The Norns :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 3,911 53



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Okay, I'm putting this question down right now.

Do you want me to put up Fiction on a regular basis?



If yes, How regular? every wednesday? When?


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I always appreciate knowing that folks find my works useful.

I notice you’re from Sweden. I visited there years ago. A lot of history!


I've found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don't know much about their own country, much less anyone else's.  :(


I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise awareness about what's going on in the rest of the world. If I notice someone on DA  is from another country, if I've done their country I let them know. Its my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)


This update is about your home!…


GOD bless

John 3:16


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