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Fresh Minty Adventure

After a long delay, I finally released a new pony game!
... Still not the game people were waiting for (sorry), but hopefully it's fun nonetheless!
As you can probably tell, it's a spin-off of Minty Fresh Adventure... you explore the same areas, but this time as G3 heroine Minty, in a quest for her missing socks!

...Um, it's hopefully more exciting than I just made it sound. Enjoy!…
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Is it possible to download these flash games for offline play?

WyattStoneNCC96230A's avatar

About that, the creator took note of Flash's shutdown and is making the games downloadable for offline play. Not all of them are available at the moment, but you can find them here:

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i LOVED this game, i replayed it recently and i thought it was so fun Heart Love

btw, do you know where i can find the mlp intro cover? i haven't been able to find it

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I very much enjoyed these games when I played them years ago, and I'm still excited for mfa2! I love the artwork, cute story and voice acting! A lot of work and love went into these, I can tell!

I really hope they'll still be available when flash goes.

WyattStoneNCC96230A's avatar

Kingofturves asked the same thing, and there's a link:

Not all of them are available since the dev's still converting them, but he's getting it all underway.

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I just read the comment bellow, and just want to say that I'm 1000% hype about the game!!! and the demo a lone, one can see that you really did take a BIG step up on this one, so it make sense why the long wait, plus you do have other projects.

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hey, this can be a little bit annoying but...what about mfa2??? Adobe flash will die in 2020 and it's still not finished. When I was younger I used to play your games and I really loved Fresh minty adventure. Nice artwork

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Thanks for asking, and don't worry, it's not annoying at all!

Minty Fresh Adventure 2 is a very big work - I'd say it's bigger than all the other games I made put together. It's taken me way too long, but I haven't given up. I hope to release it later this year, believe it or not! Hopefully I'll have more to announce soon.

As for the Flash thing, I'm currently working on converting all my games into standalone executables so people can play them even without Flash. (And with some added features, like controller support!) - but of course, the Flash versions will still be available.

Sorry for the long, LONG wait for this game, but I'll try my best to make it worth the wait! I owe it to all the great voice actors who helped me out on it. Please look forward to it. :)

are you able to give a rough percentage on how close you are to 100% done

MarilolSwagXD's avatar

thanks for the reply marc

I really loved the demo of this game and also it is one of my favorite mlp fan games

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And also the rest of the soundtracks in the game!

0230137's avatar

Hi. I just want to know what the music soundtracks are called from the part where you find the secret ditch to ride the ursa minor to the boss. I love that music soundtrack so much!

marcusmaximus's avatar

Hi! Sorry for the slow reply, I've been away from DA for a long time!

The song is called "Positive Thinking", and it's originally from Namco X Capcom, a great PS2 game that never got released outside Japan.

You can hear the whole soundtrack to that game in this Youtube video: - ("Positive Thinking" is at the 28:03 mark.)

Hope that helps!

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does this artist keeping drawing? I want him to make more fluffy stupidity art.
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Is bridesmaid going to be finished? 
Queen-Cerali's avatar
awesome game! by the way, I'm new so, how's minty fresh adventure 2 coming so far?
RAYMANSO's avatar
cony-kawaiidurazno's avatar
I love this game, but not how to get all the cutie marks :(
JexKotetsu's avatar
It was good over all minimal glitches nothing huge i wouldnt have thought of aracne nice call though her dad/mom kinda gives me a hard time as i once had arachnophobia i got over it just still dont like seeing of touching them *shudder*
marcusmaximus's avatar
Ahh, sorry about that! I've actually had a few comments from arachnophobes who were ... rather upset that I had a giant spider drop down on them by surprise. So I feel a little guilty.

The boss ended up that way as kind of a joke - this little game came about because of suggestions people were making after the original game, one of which was "you should make a giant spider boss". 

I hope that the fact that it's a fairly cartoonish giant spider (and that you immediately get to beat her up) takes a little of the horror out of it. :)
JexKotetsu's avatar
yeah but mama spider would make it so my friend Rose could not play this game and that thing is up there with how freaky Arma Gohma in LOZ Twili im not a fan of spiders but at least i can deal with seeing them now
Neo-Geno450's avatar
Armagohma has much more hair and detail on it though to go with one eye and the larvae it drops as well as it's "second phase" that makes it's intimidation factor drop somewhat. In this it's more cartoony and whatnot.
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Let me say that I am a big fan of your work which has inspired me to design games in the same fashion and style that you manage to achieve(I actually have used Colgate as a place holder for a lot of projects both personal and academic). Every game that you've designed have all managed to be great and entertaining; every element in each seems necessary to complete the games and the humor is very well done with each game having its own witty form of dialogue and missions. I never though that simple exploring one area(and a cave no less) was so dang adventurous and atmospheric, helps add curiosity and interest to an area which I congratulate you on because that's hard to accomplish. The stories, artwork, and especially the music are all so good, loved hearing them over and over when studying(Minty Fresh Adventure 2 having a fantastic soundtrack). In general, I congratulate you once again on your work and hope to see more of it in the future. Have a great day.:D
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