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Hey everyone! Yes, I'm once again breaking my typical silence to actually post a journal here and let you know what's up with my games and so on. The bad news is, I STILL haven't managed to get Minty Fresh Adventure 2 done. It's a huge and complicated game, and just keeps getting bigger. Which, I guess, is good news in the long run, but bad news for the amount of work versus the amount I can show off. So, the good news is, I decided to make a smaller, simpler game as a break, in order to feel like I was actually getting something done. And April 1st was the perfect time to confuse everyone by releasing it (although it seems nobody really n
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Hey guys! Yep, two journal entries in the same year. Be astonished! The reason why I'm being this uncharacteristically communicative is because there's something you should know: I am going to be a guest on The Brony Show ( next Monday! Aside from being interviewed, it's also going to be the first public showing of Minty Fresh Adventure 2 in action. So, if you're interested in the game and curious as to how it's coming along and how it's different from the first one, be sure to catch The Brony Show on November 26th! Also, for those of you waiting on the final update (and downloadable version) of the original Mi
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So, I just noticed that it was exactly a year ago today that I "revived" my deviantart account and started posting to it again... and, as it turned out, filled it with ponies. I hope everyone's been enjoying it. It's also been exactly a year since the last time I posted a journal entry, so I figured I should post another one. Yes, I'm still alive, still using this account. I'll keep on posting new art, both pony-related and non. And I promise, I *AM* going to update my fluffy pony game. It's just a lot of work adding the new update. Aaand, that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Maybe I'll come up with some more interesting comment f
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Happy new year. If you dont mind the ask, is the plan to convert the remaining games into downloadables still in motion?

Hey ummm, if you're still around, I wanna say you did a AWESOME job with those platforming games. They were super fun! They remind me of the old times playing Flash games! But, if you've left the fandom, thats unfortunate. If you got a job and is busy with it, that's fine.
If you're still around, I hope you know we've had fun with your games. Getting all the achievements or Cutie marks on Minty Fresh Adventure was a hard frustrating repetitive experience...But that was the BEST part of the game regardless of all that. I couldn't help but immediately want to play again and get the next one. As soon as I get another one it gives me that next immense sense of pride and accomplishment. My fun ran out when I finally got all of those. They all pretty much cover every possibility of the experience. I really look forward to Always the Bridesmaids even if you're not working on it at the moment or if it's just taking so long you don't know what to do.
Um heya, fist of all i must say you did REALLY COOL GAMES, Pony Platforming Project, its awesome, i must say one thing, i tried Minty Fresh Adventure 2 Always Bridemaids Demo and well, i have a glitch, when i defeat armored shark Bullette when i go in left direction that place with some kind of platforms above the abyss, well there game kinda becomes too slow and i can't play properly, so i have a question, this glitch from my PC or my Browser Yandex?
Thank you for your games! Just found Minty Fresh Adventures and it was a blast!