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Day 2- Centaur
Her hooves thunder against the ground as she races against the stallion. She pours more and more effort into each gallop, trying to get an edge. Faster and faster she charges, nimbly dodging tree and bush. She’s almost there. She can see the old cottage, their finish line come into view but something isn’t right. A presence.
“Hey, Karl. Do you hear something?” a well-built lumberjack says to his coworker, chainsaw in hand.
“Yeah, sounds like a horse galloping nearby. Odd, I don’t recall ever seeing any in this forest.” His mate, a more lanky, but still strong enough to wield a chainsaw of his own replied.
She screeches to a halt, dirt and loam flying everywhere from her sudden stop. Her mother always warned her of humans; they cause nothing but trouble and leave nothing but destruction. The stallion thunders on to win and lets out a whinny of victory. She quickly shushes him, but he’s too proud to listen.
“What’s that in the d
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Spooktober 1- Harpy
She eyes up her opponent. He’s tall, dark and dangerous;
A worthy adversary.
She studies his movements. They have a practiced ease about them.
He is ready to make a move.
Her talons dig into the ground. The first to move, loses.
So lost in anticipation she almost doesn’t notice his approach but she’s ready.
“So, what’s a cute harpy like you doing in a rough place like this?”
Nailed it.
He just laughs. A beautiful, wonderful song that melts away her nervousness.
“I saw you eyeing me from across the room. Seems it was mutual. Care to kill a few brain cells?”
She nodded vigorously, blushing and nervously preening her wing feathers out of habit.
And thus a friendship was forged over some awkward glances and a few drinks.
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The Conquest of Space- part 8 (end)
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 8: Star Trot- The Next Generation
   The white flash subsided as Equestria prime came into view. Despite being to space several times, I still found it amazing to see my home planet as a small blue marble. But introspection is for a different time.
“Stardust, anything on the sensors?”
“Negative, captain.”
“I don’t like this. To quote a movie cliché: it is quiet, too quiet,” Royal asserted.
“Actually, captain, I am getting lots of radio and video transmissions on the comm.” Unremarkable contradicted.
“What are they saying and who is sending them out?”
“They are coming from all over Equestria. The Griffin lands, the Buffalo plains, Cloudsdale, Canterlot, Ponyville, Las Pegasus….”
“I get it. All over Equestria. What are they saying?”
“Equestria is under attack from changelings from space.”
“So, the invasion
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The Conquest of Space- Part 7
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 7: To Boldly Go Where Nopony Has Gone Before
   It is a race against time. The Chitin ship is nowhere to be seen, my friends are dying and Equestria might be in danger. I barrel on through the empty halls of the Friendship making as much haste as I possibly can with my companions panting by my side and the deformed, unconscious and brainwashed Cream Pie held in my telekinesis as we rush to the shuttle. I pant a sigh of relief as the awaiting shuttle comes into sight. I take a second to catch my breath before signaling Royal’s shuttle.
“Royal here,” he said grimly. He then looked up at the view screen and his mood improved ever so slightly.
“What’s your status?”
“I lost a good pony today. Yeoman Grip. He was one of the best.”
“Losing ponies should never be easy or normal, but we are facing a potential crisis here. Equestria isn’t prepared to handle this and we ma
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The Conquest of Space- Part 6
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 6: To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations
   A sat there crying on my bed for a time, but I decided that shedding tears wasn’t going to fix anything. Only by confronting the problem could I resolve it. Just I only hoped that I could placate both of my friends in an amiable manner that left nopony raw.
I headed down to the brig and had a brief conversation with them, reminding them that they are officers on my ship and this behavior is hardly befitting for ponies of their stature. I also reminded them that I do rely on them to keep the Magic functioning and we really need to get back to work and sort out our personal problems later. They both reluctantly nodded in agreement and we three walked to the bridge in silence.  
I stared out the view screen at the nebula that had kept us company for several days and smiled. Its swirling eddies and currents always seemed to amaze no matter how many times I saw it. T
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The Conquest of Space- Part 5
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 5: To Explore Strange New Worlds
Night came and went with our royal guest amazing pony and bird alike with her moonrise and set. The morning found me refreshed, but still sore from my exploits of the previous day. I decided to hit my day head-on with a good breakfast and some small talk with the Princess before she called it a night (or day as it were). Now that things were calm, I decided to hit up Captain Swift on her offer to tour her ship.
The Avian ship seemed almost cramped, despite the high ceilings and large rooms. The Magic is by no means a large ship, but I felt that my own ship seemed more spacious even though my ship’s compliment and physical size is smaller than the Saber. I asked Captain Swift about this and she replied, “It I due to the nature of our vessel. We go for long journeys and basic physics says that more ship requires more fuel and supplies, so to maximize our range, wasted space is minimized.&
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The Conquest of Space- part 4
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 4: The Prime Directive
   I awoke to sunshine and birds chirping. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed upon a green field, a small grove of trees, a bunch of nice little flowers and a small family of bunnies hopping by. “You’re awake, eh?”
“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”
“Where am I?”
“In the core room on board the Magic.”
“How did I get here?
“We signed up for service in the Equestrian Space Command fleet and after years at the ESC academy we earned a position aboard the starship Magic. I’d hope your temporary amnesia would allow you to remember that.”
I faltered for a second before answering, “…I know that part. I mean from my, dare I say, epic teleport to the Saber, how am here in the Magic’s core room?”
“Right. Well, Joe handled the rest of the diplomacy and returned you
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The Conquest of Space- Part 3
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 3: First Contact
“Just five more minutes, Mom.”
“Captain Sparkle, your presence is requested on the bridge.”
I groaned, sleepily opened my eyes and unleashed a yawn that could terrify a manticore. “Alright, Joe. I’ll be right up.”
The intercom clicked off and I let loose another yawn and rolled out of bed with a lack of grace resulting in a tangled mess of sheets and me on the floor of my room. I groaned again and mumbled under my breath as I released myself from the grip of my sheets. Grabbing a manebrush, I styled my mane and got myself presentable; I’m not a vain pony, but I do understand that appearances matter.  My vermillion mane seemed to resist taming today as though its defiance would allow me to go back to bed but it was gravely mistaken.
Having gotten ready, I swung by the mess hall. Immediately upon entering the cafeteria, the loud
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The Conquest of Space- Part 2
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 2: These are the Voyages of the Starship Magic
   The brilliant white light began to fade as the bridge came into focus. I looked around at my fellow officers, all in various states of daze and confusion due to the sudden interstellar transport. Joe, in particular, wore a wall-eyed expression that reminded me of a certain pegasus mare back in Ponyville. I took a moment to regain my composure and looked out the main viewing screen. Only black space with glowing, twinkling stars met my gaze.
“Helmsman, why have we stopped? This is not the Orion Nebula.”
“That is correct. I don’t know we have stopped ma’am.”
“Why don’t you know?” I said in a huff, “Did you find any aberrations in your navigation calculation or any other logical explanation of why we are here?”
“I have no logical explanation, but I do have a baffling explanation.”
“Explain, B
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The Conquest of Space-Part 1
The Conquest of Space: The Saga of Dawn Sparkle
Chapter 1: Space, the Final Frontier
   Have you ever been on a starship? I can tell you it is the most terrifying and amazing feeling I have ever experienced. There are but a meter or two of thick steel, bulkheads, wires and magical shielding between you and the vacuum of space. A rogue meteor or asteroid could end you, your friends and your ship in one fail swoop. But there also is a great awe and power to be felt here, like nowhere else. This amazing machine was built by pony, griffin and dragon teamwork to travel the stars. Nopony would have thought that Equestrians would one day be able to leave their planet behind and go to another. Nopony would have thought that Equestrians would be able to meet other races, alien races, and spread the magic that is friendship well beyond the borders of my beloved planet. The stars beckon; let us explore them, anon!  
I am Dawn Sparkle, daughter of Twilight Sparkle, soon-to-be captai
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