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Things are getting well for the funding campaign of my Art Book.

I've started to do recorded live paintings (you don't to register, you can any question you want when I'm live)

Right now I've done  some thumbnails sketches, and people in facebook choose the the third one:

Rough cover-art by MarcSimonetti

And I've just finished some colored thumbnails sketches, which one do you prefer?

Present-colors by MarcSimonetti

See the live events there:

And my funding campaign page there:
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Thanks a  lot everyone for the feedbacks!

The cover art is finished, and you cansee it there:…
princessdragonchild's avatar
the one with the greenish tinge.
Aliciane's avatar
My favourite color thumb is the number 6 sir ! :)
It has the best contrast, I like the fact that the negative shape of the sky is well visible, and I find the red/green opposition very original for a cityscape and very pleasing to the eye.
Eryshta's avatar
For the colored ones, I really love the 4 (but I also like the 1)
ajinak's avatar
As a painting I really like 6 - it looks very real, yet unusual. A sort of place I'd like to see with my own eyes. 4 has a nice contrast of colours, it works probably the best as a book cover (along with 7) - but also feels like something I've seen many times before.

Looking forward to seeing the chosen one (any of it) finished :)
Rollercoaster-Record's avatar
Been loving your covers for years, so I'm quite stoked for this.

As for the sketches, all of them are gorgeous but I'd prefer 4, 6 & 7, as those look cleanest to me while still representing your particular style.
Biotype's avatar
Looking pretty good. :clap: Hope you get your art book done. :)
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