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Coverama Promo by Marc Simonetti

Get the book :
Live Recap :

Things are getting well for the funding campaign of my Art Book.

I've started to do recorded live paintings (you don't to register, you can any question you want when I'm live)

Right now I've done  some thumbnails sketches, and people in facebook choose the the third one:

Rough cover-art by MarcSimonetti

And I've just finished some colored thumbnails sketches, which one do you prefer?

Present-colors by MarcSimonetti

See the live events there:

And my funding campaign page there:
Pages2 S by MarcSimonetti

Today I can announce it!

IT'S ART and Marc Simonetti are proud to present Marc’s first ART BOOK : Coverama

Fund this project and be the first to get the special limited edition ==>
-Ok, Great news that I can officially announce today:

I'll do an artbook with the awesome CFSL Ink publisher...

No release date yet, it will be called "COVERAMA", and there will be many illustrations I've made for GRR Martin "Game of Thrones", Sir Terry Pratchett's "Discworld', HP Lovecraft's books, and many, many other great writers, and some video games cover art, too.

If you have any special stuff you'd like to have in it, feel free to ask.

-Une grande nouvelle aujourd'hui:

Je vais bientôt faire un artbook avec l'excellente maison d'édition CFSL Ink.

Pas encore de date de sortie, mais son titre sera "COVERAMA", vous pourrez y trouver beaucoup de mes illustrations sur "le trone de fer", "les annales du disque monde", sur les livres de Lovecraft, et beaucoup de mes couvertures de livres et de jaquette de jeux vidéo notamment.

Si vous avez des envies spéciales, n'hésitez pas à me demander

I'll publish some worl in progress right here and on my pro facebook page:

Stay tuned :)
Hey there!

I'm quite excited to announce that the long feature film I've been working on during 2007 and 2008 as a color key artist/ concept artist will soon be on screens!

And here's the trailer:…

The great thing with that movie, is that it was made in full 3D, and only for 3D, so it won't be a 2.5D like "up", "avatar" or the latest "ice age" one. And it makes a huge difference talking about immersion.

Hope you'll like it!
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I'll be a featured guest on #europeans chat This Thursday @ 21:00 CET.

Everybody wanting to ask me any question, throw me tomatoes or just wanting to have some fun reading my awful English will be welcome...

See you all :)
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As I said it on the flying saucer deviation page, I was not awaiting this DD, And I'm truly happy about it.

For those interested in the making of:…

See ya all :)