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'Thief of time'Terry Pratchett

This is the cover art for Terry Pratchett "Thief of time" ("Procrastination" in French) for the French new edition.

This represents the first rule, for those who know the books.

The making off, can be seen in video there:

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An amazing cover for an amazing story. Very well done :D
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Excellent ! This cover made me buy the book (there are so many books by Pratchett i haven't read yet, that i never know which one to choose!)
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"Are you familiar with Rule One?"
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I am reading that book right now for like the five millionth time! Your picture is sooooo good! all the people are so detailed. I especially like Lu-Tze.
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awsm cover! but wheres jeremy and lobsang? and lady lejean?
You are relly relly (add a couple of more relly) good
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RULE #1: Do not, under any circumstances, mess about with little bald smiling men.

A few more people would be alive and/or unharmed today if they remembered rule 1.
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great work! lu -tze rules!
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Je viens de voir le livre en rayon, et j'ai tout de suite accroché sur cette couv' Excellent !
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hahaha, I love it, especially Susan <3
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Epic and adorableee :V
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That looks like an owie. An owie cabowie. XD
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Well done, I totally reckognized for what book the cover was intended, even from thumbnail and without having to read the title :)
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Great and warm
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Fantastic work...
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Thanks all!

I'm a fan of Pratchett myself, and not to disappoint the other fan was a great deal!
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Oh wow! Amazing you do the covers of Terry Pratchett books (I love them!)
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Very nice sir. Did you base the face of Susan on the actress who played her in the TV mini series?
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Well in fact, I haven't seen the mini series... I don't use any ref for the faces, to be as close as possible to how I imagine the discworld's characters...
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