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The reaper, Discworld

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This is the cover art for Terry Pratchett's Reaper.

Off course there's a big reference to Millet's "Angelus", and the rat death appears as a guest star...

I hope you'll like it!
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vitric-foxyProfessional Artist
Very beutiful and accurate picture!)
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greendalekProfessional Traditional Artist
"It can't be intelligent, can it?" said the Bursar.

"All it's doing is moving around slowly and eating things," said the Dean.

"Put a pointy hat on it and it could be a faculty member," said Ridcully.
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karimalibraStudent General Artist
Amazing! 😍
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Kan-RupHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice pics of Discworld
RIP Terry Prachett

some of my favourites are Pyramids, Interesting times, the last continent
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KuhitsuProfessional Artisan Crafter
Loving it. With all my dark and twisted soul.
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Hello, Bill Door.
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LeppeeProfessional Digital Artist
Such an amazing piece!
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CrazyMiraStudent Artist
There is no way I can express my love for this pic. It. Is. Beyon. GREAT!
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NikadimusHobbyist General Artist
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Xavius-WindsongHobbyist General Artist
Howdy Bill!

Things been going well for you?
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kibosvkProfessional Artist
my favourite book and great picture Marc
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"Good day, Mr Door. I see I won't have any rat problems with your friend present."

Er, how did one of the trolleys get out into th fields? Don't tell me a supermarket is opening there?

I would like to have seen the little girl. "Hello Mr Skellington".
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blockssmithfrommcStudent Photographer
funny XD
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SteventheThornHobbyist General Artist
Brilliant cover! I love the reference, and I love all of the detail you've put into it. The zombies in the background, the other death in the distance, and the guest star appearance of Rat Death - excellent!
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feardemonStudent Writer
"...A blade that was sharpened by light.It was so sharp that,if you bring your hands even a few centimetires (15 or so)you would be sliced in half.
a blade sharp beyond sharpness.A blade which is the very incarnation of SHARP."
love it.
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bill door :) nice.
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Very impressive and wonderfully captures the spirit of the book!
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TheRainbowPenguinsStudent Traditional Artist
I love that book. the name of the death is "bill Puerta" in Spanish, but i don't now witch is in English xD
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This is...simply...the best thing ever...EEEVVVEEERRR.
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One of my favourite books!!!!!!!!
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GNogalHobbyist General Artist
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I love this!!! One of the favourite books. DEATH is just ... perfect!!!
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Wow! I love it!
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