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The colour of Magic

This is the French cover art for "the colour of magic" by Sir Terry Pratchett.
It was done in photoshop for the rough and in painter for all the painting process..

I hope you'll like it!
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A great piece for one of my favorite books.
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HA HA, it's hilarious XD I just bought the book and and that already gives a good overview XD And goob job :)
Hi Marc, is this image available for purchase in some form? I'd love to get it for my son for his birthday. He's turning 10 and is a huge discworld fan! Love the luggage clinging to the tail!
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You're really good with photoshop, you know that?
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Excellent! This captures the spirit of the book better than any other cover I've seen. Great colors and expressions!
So nice! I love Rincewind expression.
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Oh, I had seen the film version, I loved the sense of humour and the world Pratchett made.

This art is great! Although I've forgotten most of the story, it does feel just right for it.
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Awww poor Rincewind. Lol.
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haha! poor bugger hanging by his britches.
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*_* wow so beautiful and funny!
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YAY TERRY PRATCHETT!! there is a depressingly small amount of Pratchett fan art on here. but this. this is awesome XD
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hahaha, now thats really cool. I Love the pumped up Cohen
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JUST ASTOUNDING I LIKE ALL THE DETAILS AND EXPESSIONS...amazing!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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This is So comically Fan-Tastic I don't know what to say Ha :rofl: I Love it!!:love:
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lol I love it!!!
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