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The Sword of Shannara, by Terry Brooks

This is the cover art for the signed limited edition of "The Sword of Shan nara" by Terry Brooks, published by Grim Oak Press
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I've since watched the TV series of the book. Well! What a disappointment. Your image conveys a fantasy grandeur that was completely non-existent in the series. Obvious financial constraints were a factor, however, it was further ruined by a 'modernist' and 'slick' approach to the costuming which gave the effect of 'pantomime' throughout. Needless to say, the script was pretty abysmal too. Even though it's fantasy it has to be real. 
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seems like lord of the rings
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Such an epic scene! Love 
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I like this.  :3  The ancient castle in the mountain looks like something haunted. 
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Holy, epic-ally enchanting! This Majestic Sword Of Shannara Ancient Ruins is stunning and The Explorer Group looks incredible! The designs, statues, swords, decor, structures, architecture, mountains, ledges, cliffs, staff, armor, helmet, capes, swords, bow and arrow, sunlights, shadows, boulders, entrance, mist, haze, expressions, poses, movement, flow, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, textures, hues, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Wow great work. That´s so much how I imagined the hall of the kings.
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Wow, great cover art! Makes me wanna read this book.
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super cool !!
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I just started reading this book. It's very interesting so far.
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I like a lot the huge buildings, nice artwork men
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wow, the details...:-o (Eek) 
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I love how you blocked out the area for text with that huge graphic shadow :)
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Wonderful art) And book)
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