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The Name of the Wind

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This is the French cover art for the tremendous Book "The name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss.

I Tried to be quite close to the book, in the spirit. For those who had the chance to read it, let's say this is more another vision of Kvothe's legend, that the real one.
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Hi, extremely new to deviant art. What do I do if I want a digital copy of this to make my laptop background? Not sure how things work on this platform. Sick art though

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Among my favourite fantasy books, ever. Sadly, the third book, The Doors of Stone...well not and this year:crying: ''They called him Rothfuss the Ruthless. Rothfuss the Ruggard. Rothfuss the Righteous. He had earned those names. Bought and paid for them. They say he could stop a man's heart with one word: Finished.'' Not my words but close enough :D

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Je ne suis pas sûre que ça compte vraiment comme une critique, mon niveau n'étant même pas comparable au votre, mais pour faire simple, votre couverture est la plus belle que l'on puisse offrir à un roman.
Bien sûr, du point de vue de la technique, on frise la perfection: la composition est bonne, l'ambiance touche juste avec des teintes qui font penser à l'automne et rappellent une certaine mélancolie, mais aussi la chaleur grâces au même couleurs, qui évoquent indéniablement la douceur et le lyrisme de certains passages. Le vent, est lui, bien présent, qui s'engouffre dans les vêtements et les cheveux de Kvothe, joue avec ceux-ci...
De plus, votre patte artistique et le talent dont vous avez fait preuve crèvent tant les yeux que je me demande encore si je ne vais pas finir aveugle.
Cinq étoiles partout donc, parce que votre couverture dégage à elle seule toute la puissance du roman. Je n'ai de ma vie jamais vue telle chose. Et d'ailleurs il faudra revoir l'adage qui dit que la couverture ne fait pas le livre, parce que dans ce cas ci, la couverture colle au bouquin telle la moule sur la roche (c'est peu lyrique mais ça me semble logique).
Comme décrire encore l'émotion qui assaille le pauvre lecteur innocent qui tombe sur le Nom du Vent?
Vous êtes doué, très, mais à mes yeux (larmoyant à force de regarder cette œuvre è_é ) cette illustration restera la plus belle de toutes vos créations. Alors comme dire? Bravo.
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Je suis tellement reconnaissante de votre travail sur les couvertures de cette collection. Merci beaucoup pour la rendre si vivante.

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Fabulous!! I love this saga, its art perfectly captured the spirit of the story. Your job is beautiful. You who made the second cover?
I love your art! Such detailed depictions of good stories, such implied action/movement.  

Quick question on this piece -- what is the square column to the left of the city?  I don't remember it from the books... and it seems like it wasn't on some of the french covers?
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C'est mon livre préféré ! And I LOVE your draw. It is so beautiful, so poetic... like the book. Thank you for making this amazing cover. To be honnest, it is one of the reason that I buy the book. And because the picture reflects the story, I never feel disappointed. It's perfect. Thank you.
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I'm in love with your art. thanks
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So amazing!! And from my favorite book!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Wish I could buy it, but really man, nice work!
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Love this pic so much!!

Fantastic job!! :w00t!:
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It reminds me to the original romantic art. Meow :3 
Nice.. Excellent!
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this is so beautiful it perfectly captures the image of young kvothe. Impoverished, bedraggled and yet standing proud. Unbroken by life, ready to take on university and the chandrian in spite of the challenges that he's faced.
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I don't know if you know but the Hungarian version of the book features this artwork too(actually a cropped version) but your name is nowhere to be seen. Its not mentioned at all. I felt like I should warn you, there may be some copyright issues with it.
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I really like the way you have pictured Kvothe and the University. It has the feeling of a long journey coming to it's end, a final breather before the new start. The warm colour palette gives to the Univesity really nice and inviting feeling. :)
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It looks like Skyrim ^-^
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Yep, and in Skyrim, there is a soldier who tells you that he took an arrow on his knee... Like the caracter of the Name of the Wind ! :)
Have a good day.
I am almost finished reading the book, and your artwork is incredible!
I read the book when it first came out. I think you did a great job of capturing the spirit of the book. Wonderful.
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This is absolutely stunning! The Name of the Wind is such a brilliant book and I am so thrilled to see that there are talented people out here creating such amazing fan-art! You really captured the atmosphere that I imagined with the book. This is absolutely beautiful :)
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Thanks a lot! Please note that it isn't a fan-art: This is an official cover art, for France and Brazil, and some other countries as well.
I know the difference might be confusing, but it was a job, with everything associated to that :)
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Ahh, I am so incredibly sorry! I didn't know this drawing as the cover of the books. But it's absolutely stunning so I kind of wish I now had that version of the book.
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