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The Mystery Knight by GRR Martin

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This is the Brazilian cover art for "the Mystery Knight" by GRR Martin for Leya Brazil

So glad I could do Dunk and Egg.
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I wish mr Martin will finish the "Dunk and Egg" novellas and that in the future there will be a prequel series for Game Of Thrones about the lives of these two, unique legends as progressive Westerosi king👑 (Aegon) and awesome knight🛡️ (Duncan). 
PS: Really accomplished cover, MarcSimonetti, my favourite part is how fitting Dunk's armour and Egg's clothes are 👏!
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This is also the cover in Argentina but Egg was cut out and the lower margin was cut out as well.
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Beautiful picture!
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I love this story... and I love this drawing! :heart:
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The attention to detail is brilliant. I love how you've drawn Egg but the way youve done Dunc's shield is my favorite part
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your work is brilliant
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Best artwork of Dunk and Egg! Love Dunk's shield and that Egg is wearing his straw hat! Great work!
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Just bought the book. Can't stop looking at the cape XD
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simply beautiful
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I have 8 books with your cover art, and can't wait to see the winds of winter one!
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Helmet looks a bit flat, but other then that truly stunning image ;)
Love the dust, making it look like its from some movie :)
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This is amazing!!
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I'm Brazilian. Is this the same case!

After finishing 5 books buy this.

Great art! Congratulations!
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Absolutely Gorgeous! Worship 
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Your beautiful art and one of my favourite books combined ♥
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like it!
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Amazing!! Your work is inspiring! I have 6 books with your cover arts. This one will be the 7th!
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It feels very, real.
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You have great texture in this piece
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