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The Iron Throne, GRR Martin

This is the cover art for the first tome of "A song of fire and ice" By GRR Martin, for Random House Mexico.

I hope you'll like it!

Very best wishes,


edit: THIS ONE IS NOT THE "REAL IRON THRONE"... It's a previous version, there are several things that don't fit:

The size of the swords, there's no stairs, and the king is not seated high enough among other things...
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Beautiful art!
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I really love this depiction, the architecture is beautiful and elegant which makes for an interesting contrast with the jagged, brutal form of the throne.
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AWESOME AWESOME!! Fucking awesome!!! 
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I love it!!!:happybounce: Heart 
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I have to agree with the popular vote.
I imagined the Iron throne a bit more like this one than the one on the show (that I believe a bit too small for THE king of Westeros).
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I love having this as my cover book, thanks!
cyberaeon's avatar
Oh man.......I'm speechless.
Would have loved to see it like this in the show.
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Wonderful reminds me of a place in France I go to ... 
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If you squint your eyes and look at this picture, it looks like a nice butt in white boyshorts.
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Wow, this looks absolutely gorgeous 8D
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well, damn. that is one good-looking chair.
Tsundere-AkaChan's avatar
and also uncomfortable
I'm sure now Baelish will believe there are a thousand blades.
behold the world's most uncomfortable chair
This throne room, plus the more popular Iron Throne, and the Red Keep would be complete.
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I think it is gorgeous!
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Beautiful, nice light, and the throne is amazing. Brilliant !
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Wow! Amazing!
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