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November 28, 2016
The majestic spaciousness and sumptuous tessellating ornamentation of Muad'hib Throne room by MarcSimonetti provides for an exceptionally awe-inspiring sight!
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Muad'dib's Throne room

Interior illustration made for "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert for Centipede Press
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© 2016 - 2021 MarcSimonetti
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a-solitary-sycamore's avatar
This is soooooo beautiful. I love the vibrant colours, and the reflection, and the composition, and the detail ... wow :O 
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SkechMaster22's avatar
Damn... Just Damn!!!
Absolutely fantastic! Even my imagination couldn't encompass the enormity of that throne room.
Absolutely fantastic! Even my imagination couldn't encompass the vastness of the throne room the way this picture does. Outstanding!
doolhoofd's avatar
FFS, someone put a TV and a Playstation in there.
And maybe a decorative elephant or two.
Bitches love decorative elephants.
"I'm an old woman, why should I walk so long?" says the  Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam.
AeneanX's avatar
Wow the atmosphere is awesome i just love it :D oh and I saw it on pinterest
zJoriz's avatar
Wow, what a scene! Great piece.
Muad'dib before whom everyone is small

Muad'dib ante quien todo el mundo es pequeño
Now this looks like a Galactic Emporor's throne room.  
Tar-Minastir's avatar
Imagine what it would be like if it were the God-Emperor Leto II who was in that throne room instead of Paul.
BladeMaster667's avatar
Dark souls boss room
jopp326's avatar
I would love to buy print of this! It's breathtaking.
RusReality's avatar
Великолепная работа, звание ДД присвоено заслуженно несомненно.
Этот масштаб вообще тяжело было вообразить и передать всё величие этого тронного зала!
JaimeHope's avatar
I really hope that Denis Villeneuve looks at your artwork when he starts work on his version of Dune...
stevenoirproduction's avatar
So it is here that Paul is given, and first lays eyes on, the ghola of Duncan Idaho, possibly my favorite character in the Duniverse. Epic, mythic-scaled. As it should be. Bravo.
(I need to locate this edition!)
moominhexe's avatar
Beautiful. Imagine cleaning that floor. :D (Big Grin) 
I love this.
shoutsandwhispers's avatar
Congratulations! Beautiful work:clap:
philippeL's avatar
OMG so awesome
All hail The God Emperor! Awesome!!!
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dream-seer's avatar
Must be a dream to rollerskate around there :O
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