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'Mort' By Terry Pratchett

I'm really happy to show you my first cover art for Terry Pratchett "discworld" novel: "Mort".

This will be the next French cover art for this amazing book.

I hope you'll like it!
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Hey, I just bought this one, will probably read it after "Unseen Academics" (I know it's not the order in which they were written, but I think that's not critical... the first one I read was "The 5th Elephant" and that made me love his work, had I read "The colour of Magic" first it would have probably taken me longer to continue reading his books).  I like how the image seems "shot" with a fisheye lens :)
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Quand la mort est en vacances tout déraille. J'avais beaucoup aimé ce livre et l'illustration présente rend bien la loufoquerie de ce dernier.
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this is the firs book i ever read of terry, and that was an amazing experience. i love mort so much.
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Old comment, but same here :)
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Нарисовали бы еще, а то мне красть арт неоткуда. ^_^ Мрр
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Amazing! Fantastic cover and representation of the book. =)
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Hi ! Is it possible to find posters of your Discworld illustrations (via the editor, maybe ?) ?
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Well there's the official calendar with my illustrations available on amazon there:


Some posters will be available soon on the Discworld emporium website...
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Death and those skull-like coconuts are marvellous :D.
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If this is Ysabell in the back ...well,the chocolates had gone on the right places ;) Love it !
Great work. I wish you had done also polish covers for Terry Pratchett's book
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Colors here are the first thing that strike me. The composition with the blade is exceptional. This face is extremely convincing.
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Quirky, but full of bright colours and great characters... and a load of symbolism and pro artwork there. I love it.
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Man... I'm... I dunno!
Really, to walk the shoes of the mythical Josh Kirby's covers for the Discworld collection must be some hell of a job and an absolute thrill!
But still you art work is amazing and totally to part with the originals!
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Oh my god you draw cover art for discworld novels??? That is incredible... I love the paul kidby illustrations. You are in very incredible company and this is an excellent art piece.
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sounds like I'm gonna print it and cover my old cover ^_^
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This is fantastic! Your style matches how I would imagine Discworld to be :D
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i loved playing find the skulls in this picture...but i dont think ysabel was THAT fat. o.O
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your drawing are all very happy ~~~~
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I've read the book and your cover is just amazing, that's it, you really did hold the atmosphere!
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Great pic for a great book, although I think Mort's limbs could use a bit more knees. :D
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I love it! Especially the skulls that are slipped in everywhere! The fly that Death is using looks just as awful as I thought, and the kitten in Mort's pocket is sweet. I have to say my favorite bit is Death in his touristy outfit. This is awesome.
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