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Here are the 3 cover arts of the Mistborn trilogy together, by Brnadon Sanderson, for Leya Brazil
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Would it be possible to get a "photo" style print (as opposed to "art print" or "canvas")?
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The Brazilian cover for "The Hero of Ages" is what got me interested enough in the series to buy the books.
The covers are my kind of asthetics.
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First time to hear about Mistborn here but the blacks and whites look interesting!
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Just finished the first Trilogy and it's nice to get a visual feeling of what I've read. Keep up the good work!
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I love you for this! Awesome!!!
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Hey Marc Simonetti, i am from brazil, and i buy the book with your art. I think your art combines a lot with the history. Congratulations!
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So beautiful! Words cannot explain how good this is. 
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Bien plus jolie que l'édition américaine que j'ai chez moi...
Je suis un peu deg du coup, ça me donne envi de lire le portugais.
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Fantastic! I just finished reading them yesterday. Beautiful rendition
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This is just amazing.....
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Awesome! This is one of my favorite books!
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Wow, Vin is perfect! :love: Great Job!
This is Outstanding, Marvelous, Genius.  All 3 books from left to right.  Kelsier, Vin, Elend. So much detail, for just one example, the Steel Inquisitor's tattoos.  Amazing. I bet the Mistcloaks were a real pain to paint.  I have a different view of the mistcloaks, i think they weren't so much strips this long as so many have painted, but Brandon calls them tassels.  Besides, Vin was careful not to have long hair for an advantage in a fight, I think long strip cloaks like this could easily be tangled, grappled and used against the Allomancer.  Please make more more more.
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In the book it says the tassels are attached loosely so that when they are grabbed by an enemy or get tangled they just fall off
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This is amazing. It will forever be in my top five for mistborn art.
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Hey Marc, I'm from Brazil and I haven't read the trilogy, who's the white guy?
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Well, it's Ellen Venture. :)
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Did you mean Elend? Thx Man! Oh, perfect Art!
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Just. Incredible.  
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WOW!!! This is probably the best Mistborn art I've ever seen!!! The depiction is perfect! Love it!!!
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Wow, beautiful! And what a great reference for costumers!
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Do you consider to do another mistborn art? for example Vin and Kel or a misty thing or the team ? that would be awesome i would love it. But dont get me wrong this is also awesome and i realy love it!
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