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Memories of Ice

This is the French cover art for "Memories of ice" by Steven Erikson.
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Great art as per your usual.   I love most of what you do, a unique way of seeing things.  I especially love your Terry Pratchett art.  Is there anything new from this set of works?   Think I saw a published book, Unseen Academicals (Allez les mages), with a new piece from you but I could not find a textless version to admire.  Will you be posting that soon?   Also will you be doing the non-Discworld Pratchett books as well?   Thanks for sharing.
utterly gorgeous, if not inspiring.
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Chilly and so very thrilling!
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Same for this one !
I so love your takes on these!
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Great work. However, I pictured the Seguleh to be larger and more hunched/broad than humanoid.
A quick image search on Google Images, including the main Seguleh entry on the Malazan WIKI, suggests that humanoid is the predominant way of drawing them.
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Yeah I noticed that. Perhaps I read their description by Erikson and thought of something else... Regardless, this artwork is amazing. :)
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A picture, that starts a story in the head of the beholder, is a good picture. Very nice work.
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Really incredible vision, and awesome skill to be able to execute it so well. Not sure what the story is about, but it looks like those people on the ice are in trouble. Really excellent work!
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