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Looking for Stark children

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This is the cover art for the third book of " A song of fire and ice: games of throne" by George RR Martin in its upcoming French edition.

I wanted to represent that the book's universe is both beautiful and oppressive sometimes...
Here's the scene where Theon Greyjoy hunts Bran and Rickon. I hope you'll like it!
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This is awesome!
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You'll never find them, Theon!  
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By the end of it he'll be REEK-ing of despair!Wink/Razz 
Man one day I'll figure out how to make these works of art
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That was used in the translated edition of the third book in Brazil too.
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This is awesome! I have the book and the artwork looks so stunning in it. 

There are only two problems. The scene where Theon Greyjoy hunts Bran and Rickon is on A Clash Of Kings (second book of A Song Of Ice and Fire) and not in the third, A Storm Of Swords. And the scene in this artwork looks to tropical. It's cold and snowy near Winterfell.
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Je ne savais pas que c'était cette partie là représentée, en tout cas l'atmosphère escomptée y est, bluffant
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Theon: Kids, i  have free  candy!!!
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this looks really amazing :D
the depth of this picture and the color are really intense
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That's the cover of the book I have. I still don't get one thing, Ths scene is from book two, why use this scene on book 3 cover? Any ideas?
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I like the strong edge in your style.
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I saw this at a library in Venezuela just this week. Looked beautiful :love:
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great work, this is the cover of the brasilian edition too,now i know what scene this cover represent.
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this one is in the spanish edition too, it's beautiful!
this is beautiful
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wah c'est exactement ce que je m'étais imaginé o_o les détails et les textures sont magnifiques
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Lost for words...that is just totally incredible....
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great painting, i literally just read this part yesterday and this is really close to the pic i made in my head!
This is so beautiful.
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Amazing work, i'm currently reading the book, and i really like your artwork.
Great job there.
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