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Iron throne

Here's the final artwork of the Iron Throne, approved by GRR Martin
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omg, I can't wait to find a good spot in my home to mount this print...
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No one can ever sit comfortably upon the iron throne. Which is a well known fact.   
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Quite so.  A king should never sit easy.
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...I'm pretty sure this isn't yours
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It is. Do you know that truth is not a matter of opinions?…
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Approved, You have read it folks :)
Fun act. I remember reading or watching an interview somewhere after the first time this was posted and George Martin himself has apparently noted that THIS was how he imagined the iron throne, rather than the one depicted in the TV show. So kudos to you. Not only awesome art, but you've caught the eye of the author as well. That's mighty impressive.
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Well, I worked directly with George to make it, That's why !
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Freaking awesome! Why couldn't the iron throne from GoT series be like this!?
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Because the showrunners don't have an unlimited amount of money and a prop this size would be extremely impractical to film with.
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Cool!! I would like to sit on the Iron Throne!!
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I'm not even a fan of the series, but that throne looks badass.
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If Joffrey continues making himself that many enemies, it`ll may really look that way one day ;) (*Spoiler*If he hadn`t died*Spoiler*
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So big! Is that how GRR Martin said it should be? Looks great, better than the one in the TV series.
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Wow uncomfortable, inconvenient, AND dangerous!
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wicked man! (=
Excelent work!
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At first glance I thought it was the Ruby Throne, from Elric.
Excelent works!
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I like it. The one in the tv show is artistic, yours here is more realistic, which I think is more scary in a way if you think about it. :)
You did a good job with this. 
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Yep, that's more like it!
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