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August 5, 2010
Inject Me by *MarcSimonetti is an innovative and dark take on everyone's favourite trip to Wonderland...
Featured by ekud
Suggested by CatherineNodet
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Inject Me

This is a personal piece for a contest based on Alice in Wonderland contest. ( 3dvf contest)

The main idea was to represent Alice as a junkie, taking her last deadly amount of drug, which leads her via the wonderland to her heart attack...

The unbalanced looks is quite wanted also it may look out weirdly. It was done in Paintool SAI and Photoshop, I hope you'll like it...

For those who might want to see a roughly animated version of it:

Here it is!
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sincy21's avatar
Sublime travail, le voyage est époustouflant ^^
katethekempf's avatar
yesss. alice! <3
justnormka's avatar
It's AMAZING! :) I realle love that.
You are also amazing. Great job! 
vagepaul's avatar
i love wonderland ,wonderland is real onliy if you belief in it.
tan you zal zie it com to you..
AeriskyAnime's avatar
WOW! I really love all the amazing detail put into every one of your pieces! Really amazing!
Zoon3d's avatar
Big fan of Wonderland art and like what you've done here
Hakkyou-no-Yami's avatar
the details in it...

is just....

keixayaka's avatar
Awesome, AiW art!! I personally like the castle most, with sexy, junkie Alice in second place. And the "inject me" idea was a nice touch. Good job, good job!! :D
DigitalCutti's avatar
Just wonderfull and beautifull and very creative. I love her shirt with Remove me on it.
mistofstars's avatar
omg thats brilliant o.o
catchibigoth's avatar
wonderland <33 i love it!!
Devonition's avatar
That's a big hole 8I
SkyTeArs's avatar
omg ur art is so amazing and detailed how do u put so much into it absolutly amazing:) :clap:
rehael's avatar
Wow! This is perfect. Really nice concept, and flawless execution.
ItsKindaFunny's avatar
Its wonderfully made. The concept, I believe, was mastered beautifully. Well done.
Granero's avatar
Inject me / Remove me.... just amazing xD
Kanzennaposuto's avatar
Its grat to see the theme of drugs assosiated with alice in WL! Not everybody knows that Lewis carrol was also extremely inspired by the drugs he had taken and that alice is probably based on his niece alice.
But enough of this! I´d say this the most urban version of alice inWL that i´ve ever seen! Although I think that with her red T-shirt there is a bit too much red in the picture. Still freakn awesome!
RHStillwell's avatar
That's is just fantastic, I love it!
aaaaaaawesome =D
LyntonLevengood's avatar
Great use of color!
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