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Game of Thrones by GRR Martin

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made for Leya Brasil
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I understand why Tyrion wanted to pee from it...

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Great perspective! Love the colour too
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I found that picture when listening to the soundtrack from serial. That song:…
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I absolutely adore this. Utterly stunning piece of art. Thank you.
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It's the wall, isn't it?
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'When Winter Comes' Miracle of Sound… 
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Fantastic work! This really captures the height and scope of the Wall :) 
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THE WALL!!! sorry I love Winterfell ^^'
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WOW! Fantastic!Clap 
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oooh the walll looks even bigger now! Breathtaking perspective and great color palet! cheers! ^^
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Just saw it this week at the book store here in Brazil. It makes me wish to buy the whole collection again. Just because of your art. Fabulous!!! Wonderful work!!! Five new master pieces. Thank you.

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Your drawings are the best! 
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OMG! pas possible de faire quelque chose d'aussi beau qui retranscrit vraiment les impressions de la série/livre.
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Please contact me:

I would like to purchase a print of this from you! Name your price :)
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the wildlings!
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Oh my god.... such amazing composition.  Everything from the off-center balance, to little flourish of blue light that draws you in. Even the lines and texture of the mountain guides your eye to the figures. It all works. Even how the horizon is illustrated beautifully. It all works.

I love this. 
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Taking a piss off the edge of the world :)
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What's the name of the book?
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"A Game of Thrones", first book of the "Song of ice and fire"  by GRR Martin.
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