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Dying earth, Jack Vance

This is the cover art for a new edition for Jack Vance's "Dying earth" books, first book, for French editor Pygmalion.

It shows Cugel running away...

For those who might be interested, the whole making off can be seen on video there:


I hope you'll like it!
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I see Cugel has an angry mob after him again....

This is good work.
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Formidable! Y-a-t-il une copie de la vidéo quelque part qui ne soit pas Evolix? Apparemment, on ne peut pas le visualiser sans payer pour une compte dans le site... Ou c'est-ce qu'il me semble...
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That's a really great view. I quite like the angle. A long time JV fan here myself. As a hobby, I translate some of his works (with permission) into Esperanto for free distribution as e-books. Just three out so far, but with a fourth underway. One is even illustrated, another just sort of (in that I made the attempt by myself). Anyhow, Cugle is one of my favorites. I'm glad to see him getting away.
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This is my favorite book, and has influence my own writing greatly.  The artwork does the book justice. 
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The detail in your paintings is astounding!  
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Jack Vance died a week ago, and so,any further work in his decayed decadent world will have to be done by others.

I had expected his passing, due to his age and health.
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These details are unbelievable.
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Love it. Cugel is awful and awesome all at once.
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perspective and design, simply awesome.
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a good place for an Age of Swords of Magic and Monsters.
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this is awesome :love:
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A fun scene from The Eyes of the Overworld, right?
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amazing light, nice color ..good work!
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An exciting scene!
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Beautiful Work !:) Iv never been able to find this book in Ireland (in English anyway...) But i DID find "Songs of the dying Earth". A Tribute to Vance's work, and its brilliant :D I love how you drew the buildings, and the colours are amazing :)
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love the details!
wish I would have your patience...
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Gorgerous light! : O
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Cugel on the run from Rembrandt's Town guard hehe
Vance seems more popular in languages other than his own sadly if a recent hunt on ebay is any example. Plenty in Dutch, German, even Portuguese but precious little in English.
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I know! Probably as a consequence of that, none of the English versions have such nice covers, either, as far as I have seen! Sometimes I feel like I'm the the last Vance fan in the US...
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:nod: I am the lonely apostle of Vance down under.
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Well, so long as we stick together, the Dying Earth may yet live a while longer, friend!

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Cugel OFTEN hacked people off in those stories and deserved utter destruction on a number of occasions ! He -he had more prices put on his head than Groo ever did !
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Hi ... MarcSimonetti...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
Dying earth, Jack Vance
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
best regards
.....................You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!!
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