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December 31, 2017
Featured by cosmicbound
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Cover art for Aleph Brasil for "Dune" by Frank Herbert
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I’m from Brazil and got the Dune book with that beautiful cover art!
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This is incredible.
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Tremor has evolved...
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You've done a great job at capturing how large they are. Nice work!
Firstly, I love this, it realyl is amazing. And secondly, I want to get into digital art and was wondering what you used to create this? 
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Looks like 'just' Photoshop. Google 'photoshop speedpaints' for how a painting is built up. 
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I love the scale of this. The worm is immense.  
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=) Going to have this beautiful piece in my head the next time I read them again. 
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Yasssss!  Congrats on your DD!
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Well the party has a bard, a necromancer and a beast master. this means eather the worm will becme a pet nammed fluffy, a zombie or a mother of triplets.
All of those fates are bad for the worm. I hope you liked my table top RPG joke.
I love the use of lighting.
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One of my friends owns the book at her house.
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Kudos to your comment. It’s good to see a fellow person who also makes jokes on good art.
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Very nice work!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  Enjoy the limelight. :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz

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Looks like agiant Lamprey
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Oooo it's a big boi
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