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Dead Note

Illustration made on "Soul Music" by Terry Pratchett.
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Good book really cool art xx

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Maybe I missed something... but i can't remember sir Terry writing Death is lefthanded...
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This is deadly epic!
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I love it! Would it be alright if I used the "share" button on deviantart to post it to tumblr? (Using that button, you'd be credited automatically + a link back to the original page, i.e. this one). 

Alternatively, do you potentially have a tumblr I could reblog it from? I like this picture a lot, and I'd love to show my friends/have it on my blog, if that's alright. :) 
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Yeah! So cool! :))
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This is outstanding! So good.
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Outstanding piece, brilliant work.
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This is so awesome! I've looked at it, thought: "Damn, that would be a perfect cover for "Soul Music"." and then I looked at the description xD It's more than awesome! 
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Yes! I KNEW it was Discworld! This is fantastic!
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This is just so freakin' awesome!
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A somewhat different Death than what we're used to; but absolutely works for me.
Aside from that, brilliant picture!
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Called it in 1.  Nice very nice.
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I really like it very very nice \m/
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Extra!!! J'adore toujours autant tout ce que tu fais Clap  (bon, avec un gros faible pour le Disque Monde, la Mort, le Patricien et les hérissons, mais voilà quoi)
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This picture is magnificent on so many levels I can't even describe them all. This should totally be the cover for the book. Beautiful work!!!
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Oh. Wow. This is crazy!
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This is utterly mind blowing!
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