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Wohoooooo Hoovy is here! [Color Corrected] by Marcsello Wohoooooo Hoovy is here! [Color Corrected] by Marcsello
UPDATE: okay, i just realized, my weird moitor color settings+f.lux produced totally different colors, then i expected... so i fixed his coat for normal monitors (for me he looks totally orange now :S )

Finally I get my drawing tablet back for a weekend, so I spent the last 2 days with hardcore drawing, And finally I have my OC. 
With back story of course, I just dunno what is it, he's not telling me :/

I haven't thinking a lot about his name, Once someone called me Hoovy in GMR, It sounds kinda cool, so I decided to name him like this. 

He's cutiemark indicates the Linux prompt's superuser mark... (I don't wanted to use the regular user's one ($) beacuse it might look like he have to do something with being rich, or whatever)…

The main reason I created him, is that I really needed some OC to use as avatar, here, and on Youtube. So yes, there he is!

As I mentioned I'm not good at drawing, and also this is not what I want to do in my life (That does not mean I don't want to draw at all, I find it funny, that's why I'm doing it sometimes... just not much), but I accept all the critics and comments. If I were Premium, I'd ask for it.

I added the color reference, because later I'd like to make him for SFM, or ask someone about it.
I used GIMP on Ubuntu with LXDE (because both Windows 7 and Ubuntu Unity messing with the drawing tablet) and 17 layer (7 for poarit and 7 for side, anything else is background and mess)

PS.: Thanks to :iconforestb: for checking it before I publish. :)

You allowed to do things with him (Except NSFW stuff) but do not steal him ;)
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April 19, 2015
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