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By Marcsello
Microsoft could really use an angry pony, so they would realize how crappy software they produce sometimes...

Okay, I'll be hones here... I don't satisfied with this picture at all... almost all ratios broken, the face is asymmetric... the lines are not clear, the front legs are just starts out from a weird place, with no shoulders and such, the whole pony construction is just like a floating ball on a tripod with some random head in front of it. This is just bad!

But I found it fun making that face, and giving emotions to this weird creature.
I really should spend a little more time planning out the pose, before actually drawing it I hope I can improve on this overtime. (oh, and symmetric ofc)

Well, seeya guys tomorrow ^^
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Joke's on the maintainer, could've blocked the master and only allow PRs to be merged by senior staff. ;-)
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Well... you know them, nothing is "their" fault :D
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Yeah, that is true. :D
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