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She's no dead blyat.... just very tired.
I dunno what is she doing on that small river... looks like she could get out easily.

Iiiiii have no idea how to draw the neck when it's a bit laid down, or more.... But at least I can say something about my picture... that's a progress.
And I totally not forgot shading... and I wasn't lazy about the eye either...

Well.. the reason for the missing past 2 days is: I was very tired, and I was lazy. That's it... I tought I can make it up on make up day... but I had to skip make up day.... how ironical.

Also that pony totally could have been GCC pony after compile... why haven't I thought of this before?... 
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Yeah, figuring out proper compilation flags and then waiting for the installation to complete may have that effect. ;-)
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Everyone says it's all about reading the manual... 
But reading is tiring, and boring Tantrum