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EQDNATGVII - Day25 by Marcsello EQDNATGVII - Day25 by Marcsello
Just a random Гопник mare, eating семечки, drinking водка, you know the usual...

Somehow, if I want to draw a pony form sideways (profile), it always ends up looking like she have one eye... I have to work this out. also I couldn't get that hat right... I dunno how to draw that traditional gopnik hat. But not counting that two, I'm kinda satisfied with this one.

Finally, I don't have plans for the weekend, so I can hopefully keep drawing. See you guys on the next one! ^^
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kiikrindar Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gopnik pony best pony! Best cutie mark that could be. :D

About the eye - bring it more to the back (close by the ear - eyelashes often will go over it). Of you imagine the head as actual sphere, now the eyes would almost meet at the nose, while they should be further away.

It seems really weird though when you draw it first time. With pony anatomy a lot does, actually...
Marcsello Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017
The reason I moved it that close to the front, is because I have a sketch somewhere where it was a little more at the back, but it also looked weird, I thought the problem was, because it was way too back. Now I see what you are talking about, next time I'll try that way. Thanks! ^^
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