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Confederate-air-force by marcpasquin Confederate-air-force by marcpasquin
The concept was that like the Royal Air Force, the confederate air force was formed by integrating the army air component and its naval counterpart. in the same way as the RAF, the insignias take inspiration from its parent services but the other way around with officer insignias being modified version of those worn by army personnel and enlisted ones being inpired by naval ones.
marcpasquin Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Hobbyist Artist

Regarding the pattern, the idea in this particular case was that the officer ranks were derived from the confederate army and the non-officers ranks were derived from the alternate confederate navy I made. They are not meant to follow RN / RAF pattern.
gamella Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
Looks great. Not to be picky, but if you are using Naval Non-Substantive Trade Badges as Substantive Rank Badges, to reflect the RAF growth out of the RNAS, which is what effectively happened. The RN order when adding to a Trade Badge is plain badge, star above, star above star below, crown above, crown above star below, some trade badges ( Chief Motor Mechanic ) had crown over star above and star below this may look better with your star within wreath obviously replacing the crown. The Flight Sergeant RFC had a crown over a 4 bladed prop above his three chevrons rather than just the crown of a staff or colour sergeant his equivalent in the rest of the Army.

After WW1 the Navy lost the Royal Naval Air Service and the Army lost the Royal Flying Corps to the newly formed Royal Air Force they both promptly formed a Fleet Air Arm and an Army Air Corps in time for WW2. In true British fashion as a punishment neither of these acts of defiance was allowed to add  'Royal' to their name.
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