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I've done some updates. important part of life Prices! important part of life

Bullet; Green Sketch: $ 3.00
Temperance by Marcotonio-desu  Mimerabi by Marcotonio-desu  03 by Marcotonio-desu  Brucharasc by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Lineart: $ 5.00
Chiaro Model Sheet by Marcotonio-desu  05 by Marcotonio-desu  Bruchalinha by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Simple color (cel-shading or markers): $ 10.00
Keeper of Araguari by Marcotonio-desu  Sloth by Marcotonio-desu  Little Witch by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Detailed color (painting): $ 15.00
  Underseas by Marcotonio-desu  Battle with the Champion by Marcotonio-desu  Lucky Star: Halloween by Marcotonio-desu 

Bullet; Green Speedpainting: $ 10.00
Zombie Minotaur Chimera by Marcotonio-desu  Melodicat by Marcotonio-desu  Swamp Creature by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Characters:

- Up to 3 characters in the same image: second character costs 80% and third character 60% of the original price;
- Overdetailed characters must be discussed for pricing;

Bullet; Green Adding sceneries/background:

Sketch: $ 5.00
Lineart: $ 10.00
Simple color (cel-shading): $ 12.00
Detailed color (painting): $ 20.00
Speedpainted: $ 15.00

- Overdetailed sceneries must be discussed for pricing;

- Any request not specified in this page can be discussed via Note. Do you like something in my gallery? Asking won't hurt! ^^

Bullet; Red WON'T DRAW: Bullet; Red
- Porn;
- Fetish stuff in general. important part of life Down to business! important part of life

- Note me describing your request, image references for characters, desired level of artwork (Sketch, Painting, etc.);
- I'll answer you with the price and PayPal account for payment;
- I will start working once 50% of the price is paid (not refundable);
- Once I sketch it, I'll send you a preview for evaluation. Up to 1 major alteration (like reposing) and 3 minor fixes;
- Then I'll proceed to the next level of refinement, where I'll be up to 3 minor fixes, anything over that will be charged upon discussion;
- Mistakes made by me (missing accessories, wrong colors, etc.) will be fixed free of charge;
- Once it's all finished and tidy, the other 50% shall be payed in order to receive the fullsize and un-watermarked copy of the artwork;
Bullet; White Sketch commissions should be 100% paid upfront since there is just a single step to it. I will still fix mistakes made by me regarding the given references. Bullet; White

PS: If you want it to be a surprise for someone, warn me beforehand so I don't spoil it by publishing too early!

:target: Copyright issues:

- I hold all the rights for my artwork and am free to expose it wherever and whenever I want, as well as modify it;
- These artworks are not to be used for commercial purposes, unless both parts agree beforehand;
- If the artwork is to be posted somewhere else, credit to the original author (Marcotonio, with a link to is required;
- Clients hold the right to modify it at will and create derivative works. In this case, credit with a link to the original piece is required;
- Clients hold autorship for characters created by them, but grant me the right to use the image(s) I produce of the characters freely, even declined works in progress;
  • Listening to: N64 VGM
  • Reading: Not much
  • Watching: Kill la Kill
  • Playing: Melodica
  • Eating: Barely
  • Drinking: Water water water
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ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're watching Lucky Star!!! And doing it again!!! That... means something...!
That... makes it really suck that you put all that effort into trying to figure out what song was playing for Dappy's Memory Montage... Or what song was supposed to be playing there, anyway...

You're the first person who put both the pieces together (play the music + watch Lucky Star), but you still didn't get it, so I feel like I should just tell you the song is  the one that plays in the ONLY sad scene in Lucky Star, for B instruments. That's what it's supposed to be. I hope it sounds right enough and that I copied it correctly enough.

But yeah, I had come here just to say that you can definitely critique :iconlittledlopez:'s two Todd & The Shining Sword fanart pieces the Journal I had mentioned featured because I'm sure she will value the critique when she gets out to the library to use their wifi and gets it. I thought those two pieces were amazing, but you might not? :shrug:

I've just eaten a lot and drank a ton of water also.:liquisoft::liquisoft::liquisoft:
Marcotonio-desu Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
I'm still not in that episode, it would be a whole month or two before I could hear it and associate with the NEW VERSION I was going to make of that sheet!
I studied a bit harder those key signatures and now I can read it properly, I'll still do it when I get the time just so we might clear it up wether you wrote it write or not. x)
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But... I thought it you said you're watching it "AGAIN"... You lied!!! :XD::laughing:

But seriously, I thought that Mood note meant you'd already watched the whole anime.

Well, in that case then, you better hurry up and make that song so that way you can recognize it when you get to it in the anime! ;)
Marcotonio-desu Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Yes, I already watched it, but it was back in 2006 or 2007, when it was being launched, and the music appears only in one scene it seems, so... kinda hard to remember. ^^"
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I found it unforgettable, but a lot of that came from the fact that I liked it enough to put it in a playlist later. And also, I found out about Lucky Star later than 2007, so I didn't have to remember as long. BUT, if I had been, like, 9 years old in 2007 then I would totally remember it now even if I had not listened to it after that year! 
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July 24, 2013