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Hey there!

I wanted to develop a habit of doing commissions more regularly, so I stashed all my money away and now I can't buy things I need! Send help! : D

Click for some art examples and prices, message me if you have any questions:

Commission Examples by Marcotonio-desu

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So, I created a Twitter profile a few months ago, wasn't sure if I was going to stick to it, but...
You know what? It's not that bad of a place, after all. I'll keep it.

It's just a bit too quiet. If you guys are also on Twitter, let's connect~ Twitter 

Also, dA doesn't work very well with videos and sketches, so I only post those over there.
Also also, I tried Newgrounds too, but it seems even harder than dA to interact with new people... here's a link anyway in case you wanna be friends over there:

That's it for now; I'm slowly getting more productive as you might have noticed already.
Sorry for the people I left hanging a few months back, I had some turbulence and I didn't mean to disappear that much. If I owe you any reply to anything, please poke me again, I'm back and recharged now.
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UPDATE 2: Tired of deleting these yet?
I don't want to keep spamming your journal section, so this will be my last update on the streaming thing.

I have also configured Twitch to record the stream, so you can always check it afterwards if you're too late to catch me live. :).


Done: 1,75/15

Note: I'll be streaming daily (or almost), so follow me on Twitch if you wanna catch future streams.
Probably from noon until early night (GMT -3).


Hey, everyone.

I'm making a short comic (15 pages) and I'll try to stream the process every day until it's done.

The comic is about a dead guy and his slow boat ride to HELL, if you're interested, come have a chat. Or just have a look. :)

Here are some studies:

Aqueronte preview by Marcotonio-desu
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:iconlaplz: :iconlaplz:

After several years, I decided I'll try following people and doing all that like/reblog stuff to see how it goes.
But I have no one to follow! D:

So leave your profiles in the comments, or add me up there, and I'll follow back.
  • Listening to: Comiket 88
  • Reading: Loomis
  • Watching: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
  • Playing: I wish
  • Eating: Pão de Queijo
  • Drinking: Yogurt
Wooooah, it's been about three months since I've last drawn anything (except for work stuff, of course).
And there are almost 4000 deviations in my inbox to clear.

How did it get to this point?
What am I doing with my free time? It's like it just mysteriously vanishes! O:

Oh well, I'll start the cleaning. Fortunately 1500 of them come from a very shitty art group and I can discard 99% of it just from the thumbnails.

And maybe I'll draw after that. Who knows?
I think I've hit my lowest since 2007. We should throw a party to commemorate!

So yeah, just tweeting, because why not? If you missed me, at least you can read my sorry-ass self thinking out loud. Isn't that fun? Hi there!
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I was tagged by :iconriiahime:, decided to give it a go!

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters if you want.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Gallómenel (curly hair) and Tellómenel (straight hair)

Art not by me because [this] is terrible and old! >_>

                :bademoticon: Elves are immortal. Since they were prisoners through all the history of Middle-Earth up to the start of modern days' XXI century, they are several thousand years old!
                :bademoticon: Erufindol, the term used to refer to the two elven ladies, means "Heads with a single hair", since they were born with their hair united.
                :bademoticon: Gallómenel means "Bright Nocturne Sky", because of her dark indigo hair. Telómenel means "End/Extremity of the Nocturne Sky", both because she is the "other end" of Gallómenel's hair and because, as the night ends, the sky gets tinted in lilac, like her hair.
                :bademoticon: They don't get as much love as they deserve from me, because I got stuck in a plot hole and could never finish their biography! Yay!
                :bademoticon: I consider Gallómenel to be the "elder sister" of the two.
                :bademoticon: By the time they were rescued, they had already split their hair, separating from each other.
                :bademoticon: When rescued, each one went to a different side of the world, in order to finally experience it. Gallómenel went to the West, while Tellómenel stayed to explore the East.
                :bademoticon: If Tolkien was alive, he would frown upon my original OC (c) do not steal TM with colored hair, and puke a little in his mouth. But the darkness of the Internet would have already numbed down his ability to do so vehemently.


(Feel free to ignore it, I know tags can be annoying.)

:iconseandunkley: - Alright, tell us more about Ms. Sauveterre!
:iconbelle-skies: - How about some trivia on Phiona? :3
:icontoddntheshiningsword: - Dappy is the guy. Go crazy.
:iconsnatti89: - Anything you can tell us about Miranda without spoiling the saga? :D
:icondylean: - Do you want to tell us about Day? Maybe Night? Your pick!
:iconcarolzilla: - Tell us more about current Mini-me - whichever version(s) you like!
:iconcindyworks: - Himeviti has recently made an appearance - take the opportunity and tell us more about her.
:iconnahamut: - Nahamut has gone from Princess to Queen, I'm sure you could tell us a bit about her!
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Hey, the comic I've been producing with :iconwhitemantisart: is finally being released - if for some reason you haven't checked it out already, DO IT! :iconlaplz:

Also consider supporting our Patreon, so we can work full-time on the comic. :3

Blade Under Mask: Volume One - Cover by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 1 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 2 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 3 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 4 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 5 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 6 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 7 by WhiteMantisArt Blade Under Mask - 8 by WhiteMantisArt
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I've been uninspired. Want to help me out?

I will pick a couple requests I like from my watchers, throw me some characters!
It helps if you can describe an action/pose you'd like to see.

Not sure how good they will look... dare if you might.

- human72 - DONE!  Continental Soldier by Marcotonio-desu
- QZARLOID - DONE!  Qzarloid by Marcotonio-desu
- AkI-cHanx3 - DONE! AKI-MUNCHER 5000 by Marcotonio-desu
- Dylean - DONE! Unspeakable Me by Marcotonio-desu
- adagadeprata - DONE! Sir Sagesaule de la Prudence by Marcotonio-desu
- Dehzinn - DONE! Space K9 by Marcotonio-desu
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How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Almost 6 years!

What does your username mean?
It means there is some smart-ass using my intended nickname for an abandoned, ghost account. >:O

Describe yourself in three words.
Procrastination. Insatisfaction. Honesty.

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
My avatar in full-res. It was merely a placeholder but I never got around to change it to something else. Now I'm kinda attached.

What is your favourite type of art to create?
All of them. And that's basically my problem!

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Probably the style of Kim Jung Gi. That is some insane skill and would allow me to learn any other stuff without obstacles.

What was your first favourite?…

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Regarding themes, if it's cute and/or gorey, I'm game!
Regarding skills, I love good use of colors and remarkable silhouettes. Strongest points in my book!

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I have always been really, really bad at picking favorites...
But I miss hearing from sachsen, does that count?

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
The guy who registered under "Marcotonio". To punch him in the face.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well... they haven't. Some of the ones who did are around here, but I met them elsewhere. Feel free to impact me, though!

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Paint Tool SAI + Tablet. I just love how smooth it is with little to no effort. I've been testing Photoshop for ages and it can't beat SAI's simplicity in a lot of cases.
But once my art gets more complex, I feel I'll have to Photoshop a lot...

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
If I had any, I'd be there right now! I would live there! And lick its walls every day! And have a little Chihuahua named Pedro to keep guard.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
One time there was this girl who deleted all of her stuff from dA, including a piece I had favorited.
Some months later she made a journal about her Hard Drive failing or something and losing all the work because it wasn't backed-up at dA anymore.
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Hey there!

So, me and :iconwhitemantisart:WhiteMantisArt (aka The Torigami Team) have spent this whole last semester getting everything we needed to focus on our project Blade Under Mask.
We've got a working place, a written script (being developed on-and-off since 2011) and solid goals.

Now we need time! The more we can invest on the project, instead of commissioned work, the sooner we'll have the comic out of the oven.

Help us get there through our Patreon campaign!

This will be a free comic for everyone to read, and- AH, just read it in the link, you won't be disappointed. Promise.

I can't wait to get my hands busy. Thanks for your help!
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  • Watching: Durarara!! x2
  • Playing: Minesweeper
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I've done some updates. important part of life Prices! important part of life

Bullet; Green Sketch: $ 3.00
Temperance by Marcotonio-desu  Mimerabi by Marcotonio-desu  03 by Marcotonio-desu  Brucharasc by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Lineart: $ 5.00
Chiaro Model Sheet by Marcotonio-desu  05 by Marcotonio-desu  Bruchalinha by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Simple color (cel-shading or markers): $ 10.00
Keeper of Araguari by Marcotonio-desu  Sloth by Marcotonio-desu  Little Witch by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Detailed color (painting): $ 15.00
  Underseas by Marcotonio-desu  Battle with the Champion by Marcotonio-desu  Lucky Star: Halloween by Marcotonio-desu 

Bullet; Green Speedpainting: $ 10.00
Zombie Minotaur Chimera by Marcotonio-desu  Melodicat by Marcotonio-desu  Swamp Creature by Marcotonio-desu

Bullet; Green Characters:

- Up to 3 characters in the same image: second character costs 80% and third character 60% of the original price;
- Overdetailed characters must be discussed for pricing;

Bullet; Green Adding sceneries/background:

Sketch: $ 5.00
Lineart: $ 10.00
Simple color (cel-shading): $ 12.00
Detailed color (painting): $ 20.00
Speedpainted: $ 15.00

- Overdetailed sceneries must be discussed for pricing;

- Any request not specified in this page can be discussed via Note. Do you like something in my gallery? Asking won't hurt! ^^

Bullet; Red WON'T DRAW: Bullet; Red
- Porn;
- Fetish stuff in general. important part of life Down to business! important part of life

- Note me describing your request, image references for characters, desired level of artwork (Sketch, Painting, etc.);
- I'll answer you with the price and PayPal account for payment;
- I will start working once 50% of the price is paid (not refundable);
- Once I sketch it, I'll send you a preview for evaluation. Up to 1 major alteration (like reposing) and 3 minor fixes;
- Then I'll proceed to the next level of refinement, where I'll be up to 3 minor fixes, anything over that will be charged upon discussion;
- Mistakes made by me (missing accessories, wrong colors, etc.) will be fixed free of charge;
- Once it's all finished and tidy, the other 50% shall be payed in order to receive the fullsize and un-watermarked copy of the artwork;
Bullet; White Sketch commissions should be 100% paid upfront since there is just a single step to it. I will still fix mistakes made by me regarding the given references. Bullet; White

PS: If you want it to be a surprise for someone, warn me beforehand so I don't spoil it by publishing too early!

:target: Copyright issues:

- I hold all the rights for my artwork and am free to expose it wherever and whenever I want, as well as modify it;
- These artworks are not to be used for commercial purposes, unless both parts agree beforehand;
- If the artwork is to be posted somewhere else, credit to the original author (Marcotonio, with a link to is required;
- Clients hold the right to modify it at will and create derivative works. In this case, credit with a link to the original piece is required;
- Clients hold autorship for characters created by them, but grant me the right to use the image(s) I produce of the characters freely, even declined works in progress;
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Hey, a friend of mine started doing commissions and I thought I'd give him a helping hand.

:iconborder2plz: :icondehzinn: Click! :iconborder6plz:

He's drawing OCs, scenes/illustrations and is specially good with tech and military stuff. I would get lost doing so much details.

DID I ALSO MENTION IT'S CHEAP? Yeah, starting at 1 USD. :la:

Scrap 06 by Dehzinn Evasion by Dehzinn Scrap 03 by Dehzinn
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  • Watching: Too much YouTube
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: At least on week days
  • Drinking: Water
Edit: a little addendum to the bottom end.

So, long time I don't write anything down here, eh?

Guess I'll just blabber about my last two weeks, so you can laugh/cry. I promise it'll be somewhat fun.

Okay, so it's Monday in the morning, my vacations just met their end and I got into a bus. Big City, here I go. I just fell asleep on my seat and woke up about 5 minutes from arriving. Oh, what a nice 4 hours nap, I couldn't even imagine the succession of facts our mischievous universe was plotting...

Getting off the bus I headed to the subway. Crack: One side of my luggage puller was loose, not attached to the place it should. No problem, I can continue my way.
Getting off the subway I headed to my shelter. GUESS WHAT? CRACK! Both sides broken. I made half the way home in a very strange and uncomfortable position, holding the luggage handle and rolling it up the slope.

No problem, I was "home", finally. Many muscles asking for a pause, I just needed to give a little visit to the toil-
SURPRISE!!! - I heard from inside the bathroom. Oh, it wasn't a person, but a bloody cockroach, warmly welcoming my arrival. What could I expect? Three months out, this bathroom urged for cleansing.
You know, I could fight a coyote barehanded, but when it comes to cockroaches, I tend going girly. After some deep breathes, I flip-flopped the goddamn monster. I saw a small text going up in the air, "<MISS>", it said. The sneaky tickly thing had found a fissure to hide. How would I be able to sleep at night if I knew it was hiding there? A little scavenging revealed me an old and rusty barbecue hook in the yard. "Now I'll get your out of-" SPLAT!
I ripped my little friend in two pieces and they slowly and stickily came out of the hiding spot.

Alright, no more problems. Until I got to my university. "No classes this week", said my teachers. They were right, it was a protest against the lack of room/equipment, but OH BOY, I could be home, in the countryside, not-fighting cockroaches. Not a big deal, though, I'll just go home and take a deserved bath.
La la la la... this water is so rewarding, lululu... schk schk schk. Oh, what a curious sound coming from OH MY GOD WHY IS THERE A COCKROACH IN MY SHOWER STALL GOD WHY? Flip-flopped it so swiftly I couldn't even think about finding it disgusting.
I fought two other cockroaches (both at once!) later that week and then cleaned the friggin bathroom, meticulously.
Except from the fact that I had nothing but junk cookies to eat the entire week, I went by just fine. Sunday arrived, I was happily preparing for my possible first day of classes. Oh yeah, it started raining, I love rain. Takes out the heat and stuff. But that Sunday night, it took out more than that: POWER. Black out, the whole street - yeah, only MY street went dark. But that's Ok, I'm alright. Plugged my headphone onto my iPod, went to the laundry and rocked my socks while washing my socks. In the dark, seeing less than a meter in front of my eyes.
Power went back and away one more time, then no more trouble.

Leading us to our next Monday, three days ago. It's 16:30, I'll just check my e-mail and set route to university. I just happen to read a delightful message: today, the bus company will be starting a STRIKE. Yay! STRIKE! That's not even an onomatopoeia...
I ran to the bus-stop and hoped for any to pass by. Yeah, the strike was true indeed, and just on time to strike me. But hey, I got a line after all, I just had to wait 30 minutes, instead of 5.
By the way, it's Monday, Monday, gotta get down on M- err, as I was saying, on Mondays I get to actually eat a meal at the university's refectory. If you followed me through, Sunday was a rainy day. Monday wasn't. So far. As I put my left foot (not even superstitious) out of the bus, KABROOM, rain everywhere. Cool, let's run like hell to the Fine Arts School. Once roofed, I found shelter to my backpack and made a decision: "I'll be out on a Pokémon adventure!" More or less. I ran in the rain for about ten minutes and people at the isled refectory would think I missed a Magikarp. A very dangerous one, who tossed several Splashes against me. Wet me.
No problem, it was worth having my stomach filled. At last, some real food!
Rain stopped (probably seeing I wasn't afraid) and I got back to School, had my first class (Hallelujah!). But the sky wasn't happy with its defeat, it knew how to take revenge over my victory. More rain, of course, this time at 22:30, in the under-construction bus-stop (no roof). Half an hour after, I was soaking inside my ride home. Damn strike. Damn rancorous clouds.
Slept like a baby that day, waking up sound for a next round. A next round I had, indeed. This Tuesday, my class would be at afternoon, so I got under rain - strike still up - to my class earlier. By the way, I don't bother buying umbrellas anymore, they always disappear and are a hassle to carry.
After this afternoon class, I asked the responsible for schedules: "Won't we have any classes tonight? Still canceled?"
No, we wouldn't have any classes. Fine, then I'll just take my time - and rain - at the bus-stop and get home somewhen. Said and done and wet. Shower taken, hands behind my neck, lets relax a little b-RING, RING, RING, RING, RING, BANANA PHONE! Boo boo ba doopity doo pee do. I mean, this is not even my ringtone! I picked up my phone and a colleague had some great news:
"They just gave me a confirmation, we'll have class today."
"OH, GREAT! I just went back from there, so I already know the way. Let me just curse all living things and I'll re-be there." Wet, of course. And wet again getting home after it, for the strike was extremely well-timed.

Wednesday, Wednesday, what do you got there for me? No classes? Okay, so I'll just catch up what I lost these days on the Internet. "But wait, Marcotonio," - you may ask - "why are you writing all this bullshit if you got things to be done?"
That's a curious question, little pal. It's just you see, my Internet decided to take Wednesday off. A certain DNS problem, unsolvable unless my Internet provider becomes competent (in other words, unsolvable). So here I am, rock you like a hurricane. Writing this and waiting my connection to have a moment of workingness to post this up. That's it so far, my friend :icondehzinn: calls this whole saga "A Era da Escrotidão", something like "The Era of Screwedness".

You may find I'm ranting, cursing and otherwise being pessimistic. For some reason, it's actually the contrary. Even after all these events, I'm not giving a damn and am in a very good mood.
Bring it on, Universe, I'm not even near of being bothered by your foolish deeds! :mwahaha:

Edit: One day after, the Universe really brought it on. No classes today, trapped by heavy storm with hail and no energy. 3 hit combo! Is that all you got? :iconimhappyplz:
No more edits, you know my saga continues.
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  • Drinking: Water
...but few of them showed up on dA.

If you want to see one new sketch every day, then follow me at Tumblr. õ

:icondancingmilkplz: :icondancingmilkplz:

Fiz 70 desenhos desde o finalzinho de Agosto, mas poucos foram postados no dA.
Se você quiser ver um novo rascunho todo dia, acompanhe-me pelo Tumblr. õ

:icondancingmilkplz: :icondancingmilkplz:
  • Listening to: Blur
  • Reading: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
  • Watching: Samurai Jack/Invader Zim
  • Playing: I wish
  • Eating: Not as much as I wanted.
~~ For the english tag (different from this one), scroll down! ~~

Editado: surgiu uma nova tag, do :icontrolltanker:, vou colocá-la aqui.

1-se pudesse escolher uma habilidade a qual você não possui, qual escolheria?
- Existente? A proficiência musical do Yann Tiersen, que toca 712389172 instrumentos diferentes!
- Inexistente? Parar o tempo. PARAR O TEMPO. POR FAVOR, MAIS TEMPO!!!

2-Se o mundo acabasse amanhã, o que você faria agora?
Dormir, ou então ir para um espaço público e aberto onde as pessoas assistiriam a chegada do apocalipse.

3-Você morreu, e antes de ser carregado para o outro mundo o "ceifador" te permite despedir de 1 pessoa e deixar com esta 1 mensagem. De quem e o que vc diria a pessoa a qual vc se despediu?
Qualquer pessoa da minha família: "O PÓS-MORTE EXISTE!!!"

4-O que vc faz quando queima algo que iria comer?
Bolacha empacotada não queima, cara. :D:D:D

5-Se vc fosse um grande dominador de impérios e percebesse a ruína de seus tempos de glória o que faria?
- Falência? Construiria um povoado reduto de seguidores para viver a decadência de forma digna, encarregaria líderes para o resto.
- Derrota militar? FUCK THAT SHIT, fugiria para a ásia, peregrinar.

6-qual criatura mitológica seria ?
Difícil escolher, se quiserem sugerir...
Até então, vampiro, por meus hábitos noturnos e por sugar o sangue d- ahn, deixa pra lá.

7-Se um dia vc se deparasse com a entidade criadora de tudo e de todos o que diria a tal ser?
Me explica o infinito, tio? (E logo minha cabeça explodiria com um conceito que não foi feito para meros mortais.)

Oq faria mediante tal sentença pronunciada?

Procurar objetos cortantes para cavar meu caminho pra fora do bicho.

9-comida favorita?Qual?
Se for uma coisa só, acho que massa de coxinha. Dá pra comer infinito disso.

10-Se vc tivesse em mãos o suficiente para realizar uma obra realmente grandiosa, o que faria?
Um estúdio de animação, mas é claro! Vamos levar ao mundo nossas histórias, pessoal! 8-)


Yeah, a tag zombie bit me (:iconsgtmilenko:). But since there were no rules, I won't bit forward. :iconimhappyplz:

1. Which of the following is your morning picker-upper: Coffee, Tea, Red Bull, Cold Shower.
Morning... teehee. I go to bed when the sun arises. In any case, I don't use millenarian techniques to wake up, just two or three alarms and the worrying about being late, which increases every time I get conscious while rolling in bed.

2. What is your earliest childhood memory?
My grandma giving me a tub bath when I was 2. I don't know how the eff I remember this, every posterior memory ranges from 3 or 4 years and above.

3. What was the color of your family's first car?
White. All the four of them, now that you mention it... o.o

4. You can change one minor thing about either yourself, or the world. Which one would you choose, and what would you change?
No slideshows at YouTube. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. ò_ó

5. Do you know what a hippocampus is? (If you typed in "google", I can tell)
Something brain related back from high school. Or maybe an university for hippos..?

6. Have you ever felt that you've been f'd in the a by a major corporation? If yes, please specify.
Yeah... no. I avoid dealing with The Man for whichever task I aim, so I'm very cautious when I do it.
But once my brother found a toasted-baked-conserved-frozen cockroach inside his ready-to-bake pizza. My father called the corp to complain and got ignored. He then sent an enormous e-mail to the HQ (in France) and the next day a company's car with three shiny-smiling functionaries parked in front of my house. There was an "apologize-kit" with over 9000 kg in more food, this time cockroachless. The End. ;D

7. If you absolutely had to choose a religion to believe in, which one would it be?
Buddhism, I guess. It's very peaceful and there is a higher reason for being good than a fierce punisher up above.

8. Please share the world the most embarrasing moment of your short life.
Once upon a time a friend asked me about a short piece of my life, something that everyone has been through somewhen. Then, I had NOTHING to share. I was so embarrassed! D8

9. What is in the right pocket of your trousers? If you answered nothing, go through all the right pockets of your clothing till you find something worth reporting.
I only fill my pockets when leaving home. When I get back, first thing I do is emptying them. BUT I FOUND THE PANTS' LABEL IN ONE OF THEM. :la:

10. The first item on your left is your weapon in zombie apocalypse. How screwed are you?
If the zombies are drooling evil cockroaches, they shall fear my respectable blue flip-flops. Else I'm screwed. At least it'd be fun to slap a rotten face with a rubber footwear. *SLAPAT A TATAT pAP APAT TPAM*
  • Listening to: Blur
  • Reading: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
  • Watching: Samurai Jack/Invader Zim
  • Playing: I wish
  • Eating: Not as much as I wanted.




October 14, 2012---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I'll be drawing nonstop for the next 9 hours, so feel free to join me. Especially if you like Touhou and/or Pokémon.

April 1, 2012--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, so I'll (try to) model a full 3D room for a college assignment.  Come and watch!
I'm using Blender and am pretty much new to this 3D world.


Jun 20, 2011--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, I'm bored so I'll livestream me finishing the modeling of my lil' demon.
If nobody watches, ok, at least I'll remove that "no internet" journal from my homepage.
Let's see what happens... =]

Ok, estou entediado e vou mostrar ao vivo o término da modelagem do meu demoniozinho.
Se ninguém assistir, ok, pelo menos tirarei aquele jornal falando de estar sem internet.
Vamos ver no que dá...


Well, it's over, because my "clay" wasn't enough to sculpt the whole thing. D:

Bom, acabou, porque minha massa não foi o bastante para esculpir tudo. D:

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Sup gang, just writing this to say I'm not dead, just Internet-less. Managed to get into a unprotected wi-fi signal near my place some minutes ago. Soon I'll attempt to install a connection over here (I HOPE THIS WEEK >8I), so I'll be able to comment'cha works properly. :3
Now I'll try to ease this 150 deviantWATCH thingies the most I can until the connection stops, but I'll look them all eventually, if not now, surely when I get mah connection.

Oi galerinha, só passando pra dizer que não estou morto, só sem Internet. Consegui entrar numa rede sem fio desprotegida que pega aqui perto. Logo logo eu terei conexão aqui (ESSA SEMANA, EU ESPERO >8|), aí vou poder comentar seus trabalhos. :3
Agora vou tentar limpar essa lista de 150 mensagens do deviantWATCH até a internet cair. Mas de um jeito ou de outro eu vou olhar todas, se não agora, quando conseguir a conexão.

YES, RANDOM TITLE. :iconranaplz:
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Ah, chega, preciso atualizar esse journal!
Bom, acabou o primeiro ano na UFMG. O curso está ótimo, e mesmo o lendário preguiçoso aqui está animado e relativamente comprometido com as matérias.

Em breve postarei uma HQ de 5 páginas que fiz para uma das matérias, só preciso pensar numa forma de postá-la em dois idiomas de uma vez pra não entupir o perfil de deviations iguais.

E nessas férias eu pretendo finalmente lançar OCs que estão em minha mente há um boooom tempo, creio que três meses sejam tempo demais para eu arranjar uma desculpa, então fiquem atentos! 8D


Argh, that's enough, I gotta renew my journal!
Well, my first year at university is over. The course is being great, and even the legendary lazy-ass here is hyped up and relatively compromised about the subjects.

Soon I'll post a five paged comic I did for one of the subjects, I just need to figure out how to do it in both languages in only one entry so I don't need stuffing mah profile with similar entries.

And on this Summer Vacation I finally intend to debut OCs which are a looong time ago hatching in my head, I believe three months are pretty much time for me to have an excuse not to do it, so keep an eye for it! 8D
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AEAE, após 2 meses de isolamento completo, aqui estou eu, pedrando vocês como um furacão. Finalmente tenho um notebook só meu e tudo mais... hihi.

É isso aí, 88 deviations comentadas, 55 mensagens lidas e respondidas se necessário. Nada mal para um só dia.
Estou de volta pra comentar nos desenhos da galerinha, mas ainda preciso arranjar (pelo menos) um mouse antes de ousar desenhar...


YAY, after 2 months completely isolated, here I am, rock you like a hurricane. Finally I've got my very own notebook... hihi.

That's it, 88 deviations commented, 55 messages read and answered if needed. Not bad for only a day.
I'm back to comment on you guys' artworks, but still need (at least) a mouse before daring to draw...


For everyone interested I got approved into the university (UFMG) and I'm spreading the news on every communication channel I can. :la: :la: :la:

I won't translate everything, it's a too long dedicatory I made for peeps who helped me.



Ok, aí vai o texto que alguns de vocês já devem ter recebido por e-mail, estou divulgando a todos, pois estou muito feliz com a aprovação... '-'

Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V:

:icontransparentplz:Grande satisfação, o resultado chegou a meu conhecimento há alguns minutos. Por isso mesmo, quero compartilhar com o mundo o momento da maior vitória de minha vida até então.
:icontransparentplz:Se a minha longa batalha, de dedicação e estudo, de temores e vitórias ao longo dessa corrida à vaga na universidade, contasse com uma lista de créditos, não seria pequena.
:icontransparentplz:Foram diferentes ações, de diferentes pesos e valores a primeira vista, mas todas inestimáveis de fato, pois cada uma foi, é ou será uma GRANDE ajuda para que eu pudesse conquistar essa aprovação e possa continuar firme ao longo dos anos que me esperam.
:icontransparentplz:Não citarei nomes, nem colocarei em ordem, mas citarei tudo que foi feito por mim, pois seria injusto esquecer de alguém. E se o fizer, desculpe e OBRIGADO.
:icontransparentplz:Meus agradecimentos se destinam a todos os professores que tive, da infância ao Ensino Médio. Esses me ajudaram tanto a quebrar a primeira grande barreira, a primeira etapa, quanto a ter grande parte do conhecimento, como aluno e como Marco Antônio, que hoje carrego. Obrigado aos meus pais e parentes, por todo incentivo e toda prestatividade, obrigado pelas palavras e batalhas, por me porem e sustentarem no mundo. Obrigado aos amigos da escola e aos amigos de meus pais, que contribuíram até mesmo com meu transporte e hospedagem em BH, onde fiz a segunda etapa. Obrigado aos amigos que me deram instrução e caronas aos locais de estudo e de prova, obrigado ao professor do cursinho de Filosofia e aos inúmeros amigos da internet que tanto me ensinaram sobre arte e desenho.
:icontransparentplz:Obrigado aos co-ordenadores, diretores e professores envolvidos em minha participação e vitória no concurso de redação que me garantiu uma bolsa de estudos para a universidade.
:icontransparentplz:Até mesmo às pessoas que me orientaram no ônibus, em BH, para que eu não me perdesse, um imenso OBRIGADO.
:icontransparentplz:Uma vaga em quarenta? Sim, mas essa vaga não será ocupada apenas por mim, Marco Antônio, mas por cada um de vocês que suou, ajudou, torceu ou desejou boa sorte. Centenas de pessoas em uma vaga garantida por causa de vocês. Levarei comigo para o Campus cada gesto de consideração e a certeza de que MUITO foi feito por mim e que, de agora em diante, meu dever é fazer MUITO em agradecimento.
:icontransparentplz:Mais uma vez, obrigado. Por tudo, a  todos.

Marco Antônio Souza Magalhães - Cinema de Animação e Artes Digitais - Turma de 2010 da UFMG
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