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Zerg Vs. Protoss

Zerg Vs Protoss

Originally made for the contest "Heroes of The Storm". Sadly, I arrived too late for the entry in it.
It represent the fight between the Zerg forces and the Protoss forces. An Hydralisk fighting against a Zealot Protoss. In the backside, Kerrigan is contemplating the scene.

Ink on paper. 49 x 36 cm.
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I love the variety of textures on the shading.
Kerrigan is nice, too. She's like a looming fury ready to enter the battle. :D
MarcosArecha's avatar
Thanks !!  I apreciate your observation, I can see you were watching my draw in every detail. Nice!  Thank you very much!
EdAragao's avatar
Hey, man !!! sorry for the late reply.
Your work is amazing. 
This piece is very good. You made a great job. 
MarcosArecha's avatar
Woow man!  it's allright, your reply arrives to me just in the right moment. 
Thank you so much for your comment, I'm working now in new proyects. Stay chilly.. Greetings!
arya-tabs's avatar
Top notch work...they should make an exception and put it in...send a link of it to madizzlee and wherever possible!
MarcosArecha's avatar
Thanks!  I'm going to do it right now!
arya-tabs's avatar
:) Hope for the best pal :)
romakuz's avatar
interesting graphics solution, good job
MarcosArecha's avatar
thanks!  it was a hard work
ClaudeEvans's avatar
I like your work! awesome!! your works is very unique and you have your own style. its very impressive.

I add your work to favorites and watch!  if you have time, can you feed back and add favorite(may you like it) my work?
MarcosArecha's avatar
Claude Evans, very thanks for your comments... I am so glad to read them..   I just gonna see your works, you can be sure of that. 
Moog-lee's avatar
that's a great job ! nice shades and light , good work man.
MarcosArecha's avatar
thank you very much moog-lee.. it was a exciting hard work
LucaHohler's avatar
Nice one! Don't give up, next time you'll be in!
MarcosArecha's avatar
Thanks!!!  I will in the next contest, you can be sure   ;)
KeiferSanchez's avatar
wow that's a lot of work with the crosshatching, pretty cool style too thats really rough you couldn't submit it 
MarcosArecha's avatar
Yeah, pretty bad do not entry the contest.. It will be the next
MarcosArecha's avatar
Someone can recommend me for the "Heroes of the Storm"? I was late for registration  :/
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