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sysDash - A simple and clean system monitor skin


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A simple and clean system monitor skin for Rainmeter.

Minimum Requirements:

- Windows 7 or higher.
- Rainmeter 4.2 (r3018) or higher.

What's included:

- Clock skin (24hr/12hr)
- CPU usage
- RAM usage
- Hard drive usage
- Network info (additional variant with just ping and up/download)
- Media player
- Weather skin
- CPU & GPU temperatures
- Recycle bin
- Volume slider

The media player module supports all major media players, including full Spotify (thanks to .raptor for the Spotify plugin) and Google Play Music Desktop Player (thanks to tjhrulz for his plugin) support.


You need the newest version of Rainmeter Beta installed (4.2 (r3018) or newer)!

This skin is not supported on Windows XP and Vista!

Please report bugs and feature requests on Github, not in the comment section!


Rainmeter Skin - MarcoPixel 
Spotify Plugin - .raptor from the Rainmeter Forums
Google Play Music Desktop Player Plugin - tjhrulz 
Fonts - Uni Sans & Uni Neue from
Icons - Feather icons ( & [Jelle-Dekkers](…) (GPU icon)
Wallpaper - Mariusz Potocki
Thanks to khanhas for providing his graph code and undefinist for the refresher code.
© 2017 - 2021 MarcoPixel
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Thats mine also using some of sysdash also

Screenshot 2021-06-02 233237
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Hi, this is awesome. Thank you. Still tinkering to fit to my liking. Just a quick question, how do I create GPU usage similar to yours CPU and RAM usage. I'm dumb, I tried create a new GPU folder with CPU.ini after replacing every word of CPU to GPU. To no surprise, that didn't work haha.

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Dual monitor with different size. But, this works :D

My Display (Span Wallpaper v2)

hi, first thanks for the good job. its awesome i m using a lot of the widgets. just i have an issue on my previous cpu (i7 4790k) i had the cpu/gpu temp working through msi afterburner but on my new ryzen 9 5900x its not working. So i tried with hwinfo but its not recognizing. any idea? is it supported my cpu? thank you in advance

i figured it out. I added the sensor id etc manually on the skin. For some reason not retrieving it from the settings.

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Wait what did you do? I have a Ryzen CPU as well, (Ryzen 7 3700X) and I really want to get this working as Speedfan doesn't work with Ryzen, only detects my GPU correctly.

sorry after so long time i never checked again my comment. if you still need help let me know. i m going to set it up again because i just did a format on my computer.

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So i found the HWInfo64 version, but I can't get the CPU temps to work, I have followed the guide to configure it but that's for Intel and I have an AMD CPU, for AMD its different and not "CPU Package" in HWInfo64 Shared Memory Viewer, I need to find the correct ID's for this too work if anyone can help that would nice. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.

If you're using HWInfo Shared Memory Viewer, it should appear under CPU. I'm running AMD as well and there's 3 CPU. I'm using the "CPU [#0]: AMD ______: Enhanced" and selected the CPU (tctl/tdie).

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Check the discord screenshot link, to my knowledge I have input the correct ID's but it still shows 0° for the CPU, GPU temp is working. I input the ones from CPU (Tctl/Tdie) like you said, What am I doing wrong? I have tried inputting them into the code (.ini file) that didn't work either

how to use XTU to control and monitor instead of other software

hmm i followed the steps on hwinfo and still remains 0 degrees on the temps

First, make sure you're on the HWinfo version and not the Speedfan. Second, assuming you're using HWInfo Shared Memory Viewer, your Sensor ID and Instance, as well as the Entry ID should be inputted properly (remember, there are two ID's). Depending on what version you have, the settings have the sensor's ID, instance, etc ready to be filled in under the HWInfo tab of the skin's settings.

Been looking for a sleek skin and this is by far the best one. Thank you!

Would be even better if this is compatible with another Hardware monitor like "OpenHardwareMonitor" since SpeedFan does not detect my CPU. Thanks again

You should download the HWInfo version and not the Speedfan version.

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can you link the HWInfo version please? I cannot find it

You can use this one or use the Github: GitHub - madsboddum/SysDash_hwinfo: SysDash converted to HWiNFO from SpeedFan

To use the Github option and pull directly from Marcopixel's repository, it is not as intimidating as it sounds.

1) Download Git from here: Git - Downloads ( or follow instructions here: How to Install Git on Windows {Step-by-Step Tutorial} - PhoenixNAP

2) Once you've installed it, open Git Bash and type in: cd desktop

3) Then type in: git clone

4) You should now see a folder on your desktop called "Sysdash"

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Got the HWInfo version working! But the CPU temps refuse to work no matter ho many times I put in the ID for the CPU, I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. I can only find the tutorials where they have an Intel CPU under "CPU Package", it's different for AMD Ryzen if you know what is please tell me, thanks!

Read my response to your previous message regarding this issue from about 5 days ago. It's the one about HWInfo Shared Memory Viewer.

hi, can tou tell me how i enable it?

i can't manage to get it.

Thanks MarcoPixel


Pacman animated wallpaper result in French

weather doesnt work for me : (

Replace the weather from this git: changed query to location instead of zip · falt86/SysDash@7938718 · GitHub. You can reference this thread: Updated SysDash! Weather works again! : Rainmeter ( For the icons, go to Rainmeter\Skins\SysDash\@Resources\images\weather and rename the icons.

  1. Moon icon = 01n.png

  2. Cloud with sun = 02d.png

  3. Cloud with moon = 02n.png

  4. Etc

Splatrage1294's avatar

Thanks for the HWinfo one, can you tell me all the codes for the Weather Icons please?

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