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Lano Visualizer - Highly configurable visualizer


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A simple but highly configurable realtime audio visualizer with rounded bars.
Supports all major media players, including full Spotify (thanks to .raptor for the Spotify plugin) and Google Play Music Desktop Player (thanks to tjhrulz for his plugin) support.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher.
Rainmeter 4.0 (r2746) or higher.


- Live visualization of the audio output
- Customizable colors and fonts
- Cover-based colors (All supported players)
- Desktop-based colors
- Support for all major media players
- Full Spotify support
- Full Google Play Music Desktop Player support
- Settings skin for easier customization/configuration
- Hide skin when media player is not running



You need the newest version of Rainmeter Beta installed (4.0 (r2746) or newer)!

This skin is not supported on Windows XP and Vista!

Due to limitations of Rainmeter/the plugin used for the visualization the complete audio output of your system will be shown on the visualizer. For the best experience only play music. This is something I can’t fix.

Please report bugs and feature requests on Github, not in the comment section!


- Reworked bars to use shape meters
- Reworked skin structure to be the same as the Monstercat Visualizer (allows for faster addition of features)
- Added dynamic cover coloring of visualizer and song information
- Added dynamic desktop coloring of visualizer and song information
- Added settings skin to adjust values and options
- Added Google Play Music Desktop Player support
- Added right-aligned song information
- Added audio device manager
- Added option to automatically hide skin when no media player is running
- Added option to enable a border around text to make it more visible to read
- Huge performance improvements (around 30-40% less CPU usage than before)

  - First release


Rainmeter Skin - MarcoPixel 
AudioLevel Plugin (visualizer) - dgrace from the Rainmeter Forums
Spotify Plugin - .raptor from the Rainmeter Forums
Google Play Music Desktop Player Plugin - tjhrulz
Wallpaper - bo0xVn (…)
Thanks to undefinist for letting me use his factory code (made everything so much easier and cleaner)
Thanks to alatsombath for letting me use his audio device picker code 👍
© 2015 - 2021 MarcoPixel
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How do I access the settings menu?


how can it be rotated?

Perfect visualizer, I love the rounded bars but it is way too resource heavy, had to switch to fountain of color because this took minimum of 10% of my CPU, sometimes 20%.

The visualizer is using a minimum of 10% of my CPU... no idea why

Im having trouble installing it. What do you mean by clone this repo and how do you do it exactly?

Muito bom!!!! Adorei!

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Is there a way to rotate the visualizer bar? I would like to make it vertical along the right side of my screen. Thanks

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did you find a way to do it?

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The Song Info Doesn't Work Sadly

Is it possible to have two of these running simultaneously?

yes, just make a folder in rainmeter, than copy the .ini file, then rename it. after that u can load it from rainmeter skin


tienes que descargar rainmeter busca en youtube como hacerlo despues descargas la piel

How to stop the visualizer from overlapping open windows such as google chrome??

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how to rotate

Having trouble getting Web NowPlaying to work, I have the browser extension and the rainmeter skin installed already, and I have it set to use Web NowPlaying in the visualizer settings, is there something else I need to do?

It doesn't seem to work with Microsoft store Spotify.

Nevermind. I downloaded it directly from Spotify, and set up the whole spicetify thing, but it still won't work for whatever reason. The Monstercat visualizer from the same developer works though, so I'm not too sure where to go from here.

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