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Chleon Player 1.1

By MarcoPixel
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A minimalistic media player which fits on your deskop every time! Changes the color automatically to the desktop background.
Supports all major media players (AIMP, iTunes, Winamp, VLC, etc...) and full Spotify support (thanks to .raptor for the Spotify plugin).



You need the newest version of Rainmeter Beta installed (3.3 or newer), otherwise the genre-based colors won't work!

This skin is not supported on Windows XP!

You might have to launch Spotify as Administrator to get the song information if it's not working.

Due to limitations of Rainmeter/the plugin used for the visualization the complete audio output of your system will be shown on the visualizer. For the best experience only play music. This is something I can’t fix.

- Features -

- Live visualization of the audio output
- Automatic color change based on the background
- Support for all mayor media players
- Full Spotify support
- Media controls

- Changelog -

 - Updated SpotifyPlugin to (this fixes missing song information from Spotify)

 - Added function to get colors from album cover
 - Added variable for static colors
 - Added Dynamic Size scaling
 - Added automatic hiding when media player is not open
 - Fixed some small bugs and typos

 - First release

- To-Do -

- Add option to add color change based on music cover
- Dynamic size scaling

- Credits -

Rainmeter Skin - MarcoPixel
AudioLevel Plugin (visualizer) - dgrace from the Rainmeter Forums
Spotify Plugin - .raptor from the Rainmeter Forums
Montserrat Font - Julieta Ulanovsky
Feather Icons -
Wallpaper -…

Disclaimer: The resources used in this skin are in no way endorsed by the respective owners.
© 2016 - 2021 MarcoPixel
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it wont change to pink for me, it caps off at some shade of blue

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does this work with Soundcloud? Just a question :D|

Sometimes show N/A and then go back to song info, is there fix for that?

This hasn't been updated since 2017. Don't know if there is a fix.

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Me encantó!!! excelente trabajo!!!, agradeceria mas versiones de visualizacion

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Anybody know if this can still work with spotify?

Is there any way to make it update quicker from song to song with the spotify variant? I'm talking about the background color changing, album cover, artist name and song name
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I know I'm very late but I implemented the volume using scroll up and down on the album cover art.

To do this, just add these 2 lines of code in to NowPlaying.ini under [MeterPlayPause] where there's the "LeftMouseDownAction=" line
In other words, The LeftMouseDownAction is under the [MeterPlayPause] and add those 2 lines just after the LeftMouseDownAction line.

MouseScrollUpAction=[!CommandMeasure MeasureNowPlaying "SetVolume +3"]
MouseScrollDownAction=[!CommandMeasure MeasureNowPlaying "SetVolume -3"]

And save it and refresh it. You should now be able to scroll over the album cover and control volume.
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theme was featured in
Purple Cool Theme by timberwolf90  
How do you change the size?
It doesnt work for spotify (Just a huge N/A ) but great work anyway ! :) 
It seems the Spotify Song info works here but not in Monstercat. Can you try to use the same hotfix there?
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Is there a fix for Spotify no longer working?
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Can you make it connect with YouTube or Google Music?
awesome work @MarcoPixel :D I added volume control via mouse scroll, colored visualization bar and rounding left side for better look (for me)

and added colored nav buttons

Would you be able to share how you accomplished all that? Cause it looks absolutely amazing, and I'm struggling to implement it myself.

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@MarcoPixel its veeeery good widget for me, but...
I need something x200 smaller! :D
tojajestem's avatar
ok, I found config file (Rainmeter\Skins\Chleon-Player\resources\variables.ini) and I set "Scale=" to "0.5" :D
thanks for your work @MarcoPixel now its good for me <3
i can't control spotify with this widget :)
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how can i change the font?

and can we hide it when the player is not playin
i need some help with the size, its too big for my screen :(
The play and forwards/backwards buttons aren't working anymore. I think it's because of the new Spotify update
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