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Love deviant art for Print sales and Mugs too, but T-shirts and the like are yet to be a DA thing. Of course I'll still be doing the hand painted T-shirts but to clear time for that I long since decided to stop producing printed T-shirts myself. It would be a shame though to ditch all those designs though. Some of them have gone down very well so I'm putting the best up on spread shirt.
My shop is at… Keep watching, New and cool stuff coming soon along side the old stuff.
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Or the other way around.
If you want to buy one of my rather stunning T-shirts that I've been creating for the Wrestling Stars of Dropkixx then I'll be selling them at the following Dropkixx events:
Ilfordmania (March) - Ilford Sports club next to the Cricklefield Stadium Ilford Essex. 30/3/13
Ilfordmania (April) - 20/4/13
Southend (Event name to be announced) - The Balmoral centre, Westcliff, Southend, Essex, 11/5/13
Night Of Champions - Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood Essex 22/6/13 (This is traditionally a very special event and the last one was a capacity audience)

For details visit
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As you know I'm now selling my hand painted T-shirts at Dropkixx Wrestling Events. We've got another one this Saturday (16th February) In Ilford Essex.
Given what a storming night last Saturday was I expect this one to be a great evening out too so come see the show and buy the hand painted T-shirt.…
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Hi Folks,
I've been a bit quiet of Late. I guess a lot of my time has been taken up learning to Wrestle with the UK's top Wrestling School Dropkixx (Former alumni include Wade Barret and Magnus)
I'm not yet ring ready myself yet but that has given me a chance to create a bit of Merchandise for the Shows which you will have seen appear in my gallery tonight.
Saturday Dropkixx Night of Champions at the Brentwood Theatre in Essex. It promises to be a stonking good night out and I'll be selling T-shirts there. Come and join us.
The details are behind this link…
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I've actually been V-blogging for a few weeks and you can see all of them (along with some art compilations) on my Youtube channel :…

but the last couple have included me working on a couple of art projects and there are more to come (I know because they have been going up a couple of weeks late and I know what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks)

But in the last couple of posts We've had the the beginning of the physical work on on a piece that currently seems to be calling it's self Princess:… and…

and the most recent post covers work on the first two of a series of T-shirts I created as birthday presents for my niece Willow:…

Be warned, these are my video blogs and do include more than just my working on art.
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I'm available for commissions again. I'm really keen to offer a T-shirt commissions at the moment since they are my new thing and I want to get a few out in cerculation where people can see the awesome.

Details are now in the commission section of State of Anchovy shop.
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Adjusted some of the genral text on my Commissions page and sorted out the Full Scenes to give me scope later to offer commissions in something other than pastel, which given that I'm really likeing airbrush is something I would probably quite like to do even for full scenes although they will be a very different offering to pastel. Prehaps because. Still full airbrush scenes are for teh future ATM.
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Tidying Up My Commissions Page

Wed Mar 9, 2011, 8:16 AM
From a UK Point of view.

Why is it I never seem to get my Commissions Page the way I want it. I always seem to get sidetracked getting examples sorted for it then I get side tracked by other projects and...

Anyway I'm in the mists of sorting it out and making it the way I want it. This was started by the need to put a new offering on it, But I'll let you know about that when It's up online. Still, I will keep you updated as each section gets sledge hammered in to shape.

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Getting Fake DA Spam

Wed Jan 13, 2010, 12:27 AM
From a UK Point of view.

Just got an Email that appears to BE from DA and appears to be about changes to TOS and threatens to send out spam mail to me on behalf of advertisers.

I am quite sure it is fake for a number of reasons, not least that all the links in the page point at URLs that are not under the DA domain. Also DA always announce changes to TOS on the website rather than by Email.

Just mentioning this because I assume it's the start of a new hacking/fishing campaign against the Dennison of DA.

I'm sure most of you know how to avoid this sort of crap, but I thought I would give a "Be awake" warning.

My Commissions pag is up at last

Sat Aug 15, 2009, 7:23 AM
From a UK Point of view.

I've been wanting to get a new commissions page up for a while because the old one was rubbish and made me look difficult to work with (Which I am not)
It's now avaliable In a particular part of the State of Anchovy Site

So now you can get Marcony art of you!!! *Big starving artist eyes*

Free commisions

Sat Aug 1, 2009, 8:20 AM
From a UK Point of view.

I'm completely re-doing my commissions page* on the <href="">State of Anchovy Website. At the same time I'm trying to establish a reasonable pricing structure. So that I can put up my work with what it would cost to have something similar done.
I base my structure on the time it takes to do a particular kind of works, but I don't have enough timed pieces to give as many examples as I would like (I would like at least three pieces for each category). So one category at a time I am going to take on free commissions so I will have examples.

In short I am offering this. for the first two people that ask** I am willing to do a free Full scene as described under full scene on my commissions page. (unless before I have the second request somebody offers to pay me for the same.)

I shall be pimping this out elsewhere so if you get beaten to it by somebody elsewhere please don't be too disappointed. I expect there to be other Free commission offers as i continue work on the site.

*Still under construction but I don't mind you seeing progress so far.
**within my normal rules as per things I am willing and not willing to do (They are laid out on my commissions page)

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A Bit Of A Disapointment

Fri Apr 10, 2009, 8:25 AM
From a UK Point of view.

As you may have seen in earlier journal entries This weekend is the East Anglian Art Exhibition at Needham Market and both Sangluna and I have submitted art. Not only have they got my name wrong in the Exhibition Catalouge, They have put me down as "A Marcony" (What?) But they have Managed to pick the darkest corner of the whole exhibition to put our work up and they have hung them all so low down bellow other works on that panel that they are very easy to miss, despite some of the works being quite outstanding under an ordinary situation. No other panel of the exhibition has work so tightly packed or going so low down and it's all what you might consider to be more Darkly alternative pieces (in terms of style rather than actual brightness). Our panel is particialy dark in comparison to the panel opposite which is bathed in direct sunlight from the skylight above which means the glass on our frames reflects more light from the gallery in front of it than let through light from our pictures. It's really frustrating when compared to last year where they gave good positions to my pieces despite them being far less good than this years work. I can't get over the feeling they have hidden all the dark alternative stuff in a dark corner.

It's Red Nose Day

Fri Mar 13, 2009, 2:07 AM
From a UK Point of view.

To celebrate Red Nose Day and Hopefully raise a bit of money for good causes I've Put up a special animation for one day only on the front page of <A HREF=">State of Anchovy</A>. Not only that but I've put up a special page of our Funniest Prints with all proceeds going to Comic Relief. They are all signed and of the highest quality and not only are we offering my work but work by Sangluna also. To cap it all a couple of the prints have never been available online before so make the most of it.

Red Nose Day Heads Up

Thu Mar 12, 2009, 1:40 AM
From a UK Point of view.

Since a lot of folks seem don't get online as much on Fridays here's an early heads up.

For Red Nose Day only (Friday March 13th) State of Anchovy will be selling some of it's funniest prints with profits going to comic relief There will be a special page up on that day with the selected prints on it including Some of the our most popular prints from both my self and Sangluna.

I'll post back with the pages location as soon as it's up. so check back here on the 13th


Thu Mar 5, 2009, 2:12 AM
From a UK Point of view.

I'm pleased to announce that five pieces of my art and a couple of pieces by my even more talented partner Sangluna will be displayed at the 35th East Anglian Art Exhibition and Sale (and indeed I all our pieces are there for sale).

The Exhibition takes place in the ancient town of Needham Market from Friday 10th of April Monday 13th and is open from 10am till 5pm. Admission is £1.50

There is also a Cheese & Wine Preview Evening on the Thursday. I believe tickets to that are £7 and can be obtained by phoning 01440 720845.


Tue Feb 3, 2009, 1:04 AM
From a UK Point of view.

All the press seem to think that other countries who spend all winter under a blanket of snow must be laughing at us here in the UK, but here is why we who only get serious snow for a couple of days every few years get to laugh at them. Over here snow is a rare thing. It is rare to wake up to the immaculate beauty of a world made new and white and sparkly. When it happens people change and for the most part they change in to the most joyous beings. so many people who can't get to work and many who probably could but aren't telling the boss that get the have the day off and children and adults alike go out and build snow men, women, Wuzzies, wolfies, lions, Tigers, little kitties, at least one Sphinx and an awful lot of Darleks. Some just roll Giant snow balls. Some go sledging or snow board down the street. In short when snow happens in this country it's not just a minor inconvenience, It's Wonderful.

Re-posted here from my Journal for because it is very relevant to DA (With addition points relevant to here)

Some time back I wrote a piece in my LiveJournal about The Effects Of Proposed Age Certification Legislation On The Internet in which I raised two problems with the idea. They were that site certification would cost a lot and hence effectively make it impossible for anyone other than large corporations and rich organizations to talk to under 16s/18s* and also it would increase the rift between the generations by making it less likely for adults and children to be in communication on community sites such as LJ, DA, Face Book or such like. It's all very well to complain when the wrong action is taken to deal with a problem but the problem still remains. Sometimes Inaction is better than the wrong action and I believe it so in this case but I think I have come up with a better solution.

The problem is that the government has been looking at the wrong people to solve the problem The ISPs can't be expected to rate all the web in a fair meaningful way for free without leaving all the web that they have not got round to inaccessible (And pages on the web up date by the minuet in some cases). The people who can rate make sure a site is rated appropriately is the sites creator or management.

It would be very simple to create a system by which sites could rate themselves. I believe most sites on the Internet would be quite happy to do this. Most porn sites want to be seen as reputable businesses and not corruptors of children. Most would say loudly that they sell to adults and do not want children looking any more than anyone else does. Sites like LJ and DA (Especially DA) would find their lives much simpler if they could just put a meta tag in a page saying
<meta Rating="18"> and be sure that children's browsers would not show these pages.

The system would be very simple. As shown above a new meta tag for rating would be officially introduced. Browsers would be programmed to search for such tabs in downloaded pages and if the parent has turned on the child lock (Which would need a password to turn off) then it would only show paged with rating PG or U (Parents choice). It would be a simple solution. The UK government said they would be willing to work with the US government. If they were also willing to work with the EU government I am quite sure that the body in charge of formulating the official standard for HTML would not be at all hard to convince and could have their side of things done and dusted in under a month. It am also quite sure that once the official standard for the HTML had been agreed Microsoft, apple, the makers of Firefox and all the other makers of browsers would have updates out within three months for parents to use. even ISPs could run a blocking service if parents felt that their children were likely to hack the home PC's browser to easily.

The beauty of this is that it can work page by page Sites such as LJ and DA could have safe pages open to the young allowing their users to mark a single piece as adult whilst allowing younger viewers to still see the rest of their work.

I would go as far as to say this will allow the management of DA to relax a little bit with regard to what they allow in terms of adult artwork, a large part of their problem being the inescapable fact that to see it at present all children have to do it lie about their age. This would allow the easing of tensions between users and management round here and no doubt make both happier.

All that is needed is for Government to trust the web to do what is needed as opposed to forcing the ISPs to do something totally contrary to the concept of freedom of expression or the principle that the web can be a cheap place for all to speak and be heard regardless of how much money they have.

I commend this idea to the house...erm world

*Which ever age group they decide upon

The Artist I am about to commemorate will most likely mean little to any of you from outside the UK, He will perhaps mean little to some of the Younger UK furrs about the place. But to people of my generation and perhaps a generation either side of me (Certainly the Generation before mine) he will probably been one of the  most important formative influences on their art and possibly what bought them to art in the first place.

Today the death of Tony Hart was announced. Through Programs like Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat (The Proper hart beat not the one with Nick Berry) he drew many of us in to art inspired us with ideas and concepts and taught many of us lessons in the use of materials that are still relevant.
By the time I took up pastels Tony hart was no Longer on TV and was a year away from Illness induced retirement. I'd not seen him wild a pastel stick in a decade and I still use ideas of how to use pastel in my art to this day that I learned from watching him on TV back in the 80's. That I make much use of the colour of the paper and create shadow by leaving space on black paper and that this is so frequently used in my art is down to him. That's just how he influenced me. I have heard testament already today from other artists who Like me learned so much of art from this man. He was Art teacher to the nation. Others have come and gone but none as able as Tony Hart 1925-2009 R.I.P
The media here in the UK have over these news starved days of Christmas been making some mention of a proposal by the government to create some sort of rating scheme for the internet along the lines of movie certification. It is something they have mentioned they would want to do in collaboration with the US government and they suggest that it would be done "In co-operation" with ISPs if possible.
Now such a idea is a long way from being fact and it could just be Browns brigade have bitten off more than they can chew but it is interesting to consider what could be the potential effects of such an act.

If acting as advertised it would cut off younger users from any site the rating authority decided was not certificated for viewing by younger viewers. That would mean anyone who wanted their site to be available to under 18s would need to get their site certificated I assume there would be some cost involved in this. Would this mean that no person or organization could speak to under 18s without first paying some body for the privilege? This would have the potential to limit internet access to speak to the younger generations to the rich only (i.e the establishment would be the only people who could afford to speak to the young and influence the world view of the next generation.

Further more what would it mean for places like Deviant art. It is plausible to suggest that it would be forced to make a decision as to weather it would become an 18+ only site loosing a huge chunk of it's users (and ironically the part of it's audience that produce the highest volume of porn) or having a truly draconian crack down on content which would make those who complain today about censorship look back on the present as days of liberal freedom.

IT would also effectively split the bloggosphear in two creating an generation gap capable of splitting society down the middle between those under 18 and those above. A schism that could only cause massive harm to social cohesion.

It may never happen but Browns Brigade are not known for their libertarian views.
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Looks Like the rest of the years going to be busy.
I'm in negotiations with shops in Sudbury and Colchester (Both in Essex) To stock State of AnchovyPictures, Leather wear, T-shirts and Horns. I'm Running my stall at the Whitby Goth Weekend over Halloween and at London's first Furry Convention RBW at the end of November and now I am actually Running the Dealers Den for them (So it will be well run now).
Also of course I'll be running the Market stall in Bury and Haverhill in the run up to Christmas Which basically starts tomorrow so I've a good chance of a place come Christmas.

Also My Band Quaff will be putting on a showcase gig and general good night out at the local village hall in mid October so all round good fun.

In short I'm busy

...but I do still have time for commissions.