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Human for Windows

Human for Windows

Hi, this is my first release for a visual style :dance: (and probably the last consedering the time i've spent on it :faint:) so be kind! ;P
This style is based on ClearLooks by ~schmoove, i've changed many parts to make it more similar to the current Human theme of Ubuntu. I hope you like it! :D

This package includes:

• 5 color schemes: Orange, Blue, Green, Graphite and Purple
• Compact and Full Version
• Ubuntu and Windows Flags
• xFree Cursors
• 5 Wallpaper

How-To install the Visual style:

• Patch Windows with this [link]
• Extract and copy the Human folder in C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
• Double click on Human.msstyles or choose the style from Display Properties -> Appearence and click Apply.

How-To install the xFree Cursor:

• Right click the Install.inf and choose Install.
• Go in your Control Panel -> Mouse -> Cursors and choose xFree Cursors.

For a complete porting of Ubuntu i also suggest:

Tango Patcher by ~vertigosity :+favlove:
Human theme for Firefox
Dapper Retouched for Opera
Tango Theme for WinRAR
Tango eMule Skin by ~schluepfer

:star: Final version: 1.23 :star:

Enjoy :wave:
© 2006 - 2021 MarcoFiorilli
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hello you made this theme for windows 8.1 ?
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this theme is for patched Windows XP only.
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nope, it's for windows xp \ windows 2003 \ wine
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Does this work on vista?
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Great, but can you please help me a little?
I'd edit it, but I don't know how to open DLL files.
I want to darken all the purple color and apply it to taskbar instead of white. How to do that?
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Hi! You don't need to open DDL. You have to import this theme in a program named Style Builder.
I used this along with photoshop to create it. Bye!
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This is a beaut.
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Really nicely done, especially for a first VS! I like it. If I were still skinning my XP machine I'd consider this.
when i am double clicking human.msstyles it shows windows 7 appearance only
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This theme is only for Windows XP / 2003
visual style is not installing
i can't apply theme
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Actually it'd have been nicer if you didn't lose the "active window title" sometimes; i.e. when I start my computer, occasionally title disappears. To me, it looks like a bug.

A second thing is font for Common Tasks. It is always Tahoma. No matter if you choose Segoe UI in the Appearence panel or even change the system font from "regedit", it remains as Tahoma. It would be great if that also changed together with the visual style font...

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This theme is derived from Luna, see the Microsoft copyright notice in the files. GPL-Themes have to be build from a clean base. Ideally we would have a converter for Qt/GTK themes.
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Very nice theme! :)

BTW How did you get the top bar? (Applications, Places, etc) Please tell me! =D
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Thank you! I used TrueLaunchBar for that: [link]
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