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Titan MCB mK IV was by far the ship with the heviest armor of all wessels issued by the Karacean during the Baelticae campaigns and the following Frekian Skirmishes. utilized primarely as a millitary carrier/dropship, yet during the later stages of the Baelticae campaigns it served as a "flying fortress" as it was able to ignore nearly all form of Anti-air ordonace and simply hover above enemy targets and literally bomb them into submission.

anyways:P this be my entry for the flying fortress competition over at :iconconceptworld:
pscs4, a couple of hours, no textures used, HUH! wierd, thats not like me...

Hello everyone! I've been kinda completely abscent the last 2 weeks; 'cause I've been sick, Very sick, like the first time in like 4-5 years! (Mono btw in case u wondered, "Kissing disease" not as cute and pimp'ish as it sound just rather hellish with feber, stomachpain and a awfully soar throat! (I Feel like a very light version of Tommy Lee))
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Amazing work, love all your stuff