Fan Expo Update: An Ignominious End

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Well folks, Toronto Fan Expo 2016 was cut in half for me due to poor recovery from recent gum-graft surgery. For those who've had it done, you know first-hand the huge wound that's left at the roof of your mouth. That wound started bleeding randomly and uncontrollably, prompting a trip to the ER on Thursday, and ultimately, the decision to pack up by 3pm on Saturday. I literally couldn't speak without risking an onset of bleeding.

For those who managed to stop by, thank you! I'm sorry I couldn't be more social. There are a few people who bought some prints while I was bleeding in the bathroom - and therefore couldn't get them signed. If you attend Toronto Fan Expo next year, bring that unsigned print; I'll sign it and give you a FREE print of your choice :) 

Anyway, it really sucks that I had to miss half of what is essentially my favourite weekend of the entire year. But there are more cons and expos in the future! I'll announce which ones I'm attending as they come, so check back in.
See y'all soon.

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