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More from the Europe sketchbooks!
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I laughed so hard at the "this city is built on a fuckin' rock" part La la la la You're so inspiring and influential. I first knew about you few months ago when my teacher introduced digital painting to the class. He showed your tutorial video first so everyone could understand the concept. I then came across your DA because of these lovely sketches (I mean I didn't search for the keyword "marcobucci" Sweating a little... ).
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haha, thanks!
Wow, glad to know my videos are being used in schools :)
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Woow! Do you paint this on site or from photos?
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all on site for these little sketches.
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Got featured here [link] :)
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thanks a lot for that :)
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It just brought me back some very fond memories...
Question: since these are watercolors... don't you have to wait too long for it to dry? It doesn't like a lot of wet on wet?
And do you do a basic pencil drawing before? or you just wing it?
Thanks! :D
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Good question. That actually depends mostly on the weather. On a hot day, the water dries VERY quickly, and I actually have to work fast in order to do wet-into-wet. On an overcast day, the water hangs on longer and I can work more casually. On these sketches I basically use washes as an underpainting (where I like wet-into-wet), but then I'll start working over it with the opaque gouache mixed in, either working over dry paint, or semi-wet paint. I do start with a pencil drawing, but that drawing is nothing more than a few rough marks to get my composition figured out before I go in with the washes.
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Ooooh so you add the opaque gouache into the watercolor? Really? I'd never heard of that before...
Very interesting... thanks so much for sharing your insights! I'm new to watercolor so this is really enlightening! :D
Thanks again! :D
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Beautiful. *-* I hope to visit Europe someday...
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"this city is build on a fuckin rock" ^^lol
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mwa ha ha! my favorite thing!!!
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they are amazing... beautiful work!
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I would like a book of your european sketchbook!
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omfg, it looks like CG! awesome job as usual : O
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Wow! This looks wonderful! Love the style and the colors!
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