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Celebrating DeviantArt by marcoasalazarm Celebrating DeviantArt :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 3 1 OSR Art - Map - Farm Town by marcoasalazarm OSR Art - Map - Farm Town :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 6 5 OSR Art - The Trident - wip map by marcoasalazarm OSR Art - The Trident - wip map :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 4 6 Me -- June 24th 2018 by marcoasalazarm Me -- June 24th 2018 :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 9 19
Not really much, but I'll toss it anyway. Maybe someone will have a better clue of what to do with it. Maybe even write it.
So, for starters, it's a universe where multiple Evangelion characters obtained superpowers. They got their acts together, became more badass, kicked ass, kept crime down in Tokyo-3 if not Japan or the world, Angel War seems to be going kind of smoothly.
Standard Superhero AU, right?
Here's the twist.... this is the "Golden Age", the time of heroes and gods living among us that people like to speak in legends.
And it's long since passed.
The events of "End Of Evangelion", however they went in this universe in terms of specifics, REALLY went tits up. By the time whatever happened finished, the world's population didn't became an ocean of primordial goop and spontaneously-grown proto-Evangelions, but all superheroes have seemingly died, every single one of them sacrificing his or herself to try to st
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 5 7
Ok, nothing important. by marcoasalazarm Ok, nothing important. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 2 6
CORELINE- Doc Vince, chapter 6
   That was the only word that could properly describe riding on the back of the huge saber tooth feline as it sprinted through the jungle, turning the area into a blur of green all around her.
   It was insane, of course, riding a big predator in such a way, at such breakneck speeds, but as the wind whipped over her mostly bare skin and through her long blond hair, and as she felt the solid muscle of Kitten working beneath her, Doc Vince couldn’t help but grin like a fool.
   Or at least, she couldn’t until Kitten, apropos of seemingly nothing, came to an abrupt halt, his massive paws kicking up a cloud of dirt in the process.
   Of course, inertia being what it was, Doc Vince didn’t neatly come to full and complete stop along with the huge cat. Instead, she was sent careening through the air, moving nearly as fast as she had been going a second ago.
   This would’ve undoubtedly been a death senten
:iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 5 10
Sundown Pi Day 2018. by marcoasalazarm Sundown Pi Day 2018. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 5 0 CORELINE: Une Monde Plein De Danger--Cover Concept by marcoasalazarm CORELINE: Une Monde Plein De Danger--Cover Concept :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 6 3
Mature content
SOMEONE WITH THE SKILLS TO INTERVENE: CH 2 :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 5 2
Mature content
SOMEONE WITH THE SKILLS TO INTERVENE: A CLINE TALE :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 4 0
Mature content
SOMEONE WITH THE SKILLS TO INTERVENE: A CLINE TALE :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 6 0
Happy Valentine's Day. by marcoasalazarm Happy Valentine's Day. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 3 2 A child's helmet by marcoasalazarm A child's helmet :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 10 4 WFTMIP by marcoasalazarm WFTMIP :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 4 11 Coreline: Amazons Never Surrender. by marcoasalazarm Coreline: Amazons Never Surrender. :iconmarcoasalazarm:marcoasalazarm 21 7


kaworu nagisa by sslugmoth-art kaworu nagisa :iconsslugmoth-art:sslugmoth-art 2 0 Evangelion Duo SN4TCH by 2GoodSharks Evangelion Duo SN4TCH :icon2goodsharks:2GoodSharks 167 16 mery evangelion by Renox120 mery evangelion :iconrenox120:Renox120 3 0 Rei (Evangelion) by VarietyButterfly Rei (Evangelion) :iconvarietybutterfly:VarietyButterfly 3 0 AX18-78 by Eqbal AX18-78 :iconeqbal:Eqbal 2 0 Evangelion by lomcia Evangelion :iconlomcia:lomcia 8 0 Neon Genesis Evangelion - Asuka Langley Soryu by MelinaHoshi13 Neon Genesis Evangelion - Asuka Langley Soryu :iconmelinahoshi13:MelinaHoshi13 5 0 Sachiel invasion by SaiTeadvuse Sachiel invasion :iconsaiteadvuse:SaiTeadvuse 10 3 Princess Kida and Shinji Ikari 1 at Otakon 2018 by rlkitterman Princess Kida and Shinji Ikari 1 at Otakon 2018 :iconrlkitterman:rlkitterman 2 0 Princess Kida and Shinji Ikari 2 at Otakon 2018 by rlkitterman Princess Kida and Shinji Ikari 2 at Otakon 2018 :iconrlkitterman:rlkitterman 4 0 Asuka Langley (Evangelion Fanart) by Yeyou-Submarine Asuka Langley (Evangelion Fanart) :iconyeyou-submarine:Yeyou-Submarine 3 0 AX18-86 by Eqbal AX18-86 :iconeqbal:Eqbal 3 0 Shinji by LEGITzxx Shinji :iconlegitzxx:LEGITzxx 2 0 Halcyon race sheet by madcomm
Mature content
Halcyon race sheet :iconmadcomm:madcomm 2 0
102 Batman Knightmare Mode by tennysonwu 102 Batman Knightmare Mode :icontennysonwu:tennysonwu 17 10 Rick Jones the Hero by Cesar-Hernandez Rick Jones the Hero :iconcesar-hernandez:Cesar-Hernandez 7 0


OSR Art - Map - Farm Town
Continuing to make map art, I have seen on Google Plus communities that some people have done a challenge wherein they make maps in note pads.

This art isn't on a pad, OK, sure, but the notebook is pretty small. It is pretty roughly based on the town of San Pablo de Turrubarres in Costa Rica, where my grandparents live. It is useful as a pretty standard farm town for any games.

If anybody wants to ask, kids go next town over to go to school.
OSR Art - The Trident - wip map
This is the very first art I make of this kind, and it is still a work in progress.

Admittedly, I wish to hopefully make some money out of this eventually.

This is an idea... Maybe some kind of 'lost continent' that can be added to an Old-School Revival Rpg (like OD&D or Sinister Swords & Sharp Spells or the Black Hack).

It is called 'The Trident' because of this large canyon that bisects the country and splits off roughly in the middle part. The part where it splits is surrounded by small mountain ranges.

I am still trying to decide whether or not to add a building of some sort (which would be a mini-dungeon) to that island in the very middle.
She is a character that I like. Yes, she is a know-it-the-fucking-all annoying fangirl that disliked the titular character and has two personalities and is useless and all of the fuck else you can say (hell, everybody and their dog can say, and has done so and will do) in "Naruto" reviews.

And this I say in the same way that Rabbit (y'know, Eminem) goes all "yeah, I'm white trailer trash that has crapped out every time he's tried to rap so far on this stage, I admit it, and is there anything else you are going to say about me or is that all you can think of?" in the finale of "8 Mile".

(And damn... in retrospective Clarence is Anthony Mackie... Rappin' Falcon, that's pretty cool).

But I saw her on pictures regarding the show and I felt she was cute and cool and I started watching the show because of her and as a guy with a family with an EXTENSIVE history of shitty marriages, one of which is my own sister, I must add (younger, and my other one is dating a guy and I honestly spend a lot of time praying he won't be douche if and when they tie the knot, too), I really don't like that the decision they decided to give her as a canon history was to marry her to Sasuke, who kinda doesn't seem to have learnt his lesson -- versions of the guy that try to be better people and husbands are ok, but canon him was gone for ten years and... oh, yeah, tries to kill his kid when he first meets her after those ten years because he can't recognize her and I haven't seen the "Boruto" show but is he trying to make up for that lost time? Don't know.

And oh, yeah, the plot of what "Gaiden" manga was having Sakura's kid be all "is she my mom or not?". Yeah, good one, Kishimoto -- woman spends ten years of her life taking care of a kid and you think it's a good idea to pull that shit and be bad in both set-up and execution. Even a "ok, I'm not your bio-mom, but who actually spent all of your life trying to make you happy?" kind of moment would have been better than "Why does that woman has my glasses on that picture? Oh, she's probably my bio-mom!" "Kid, it's just a gift I gave the family, Sakura's your mom." "...okay."

Kishimoto doesn't likes her, either, which he's said in interviews. And all I can think of is that if he felt he had to add some girl to Team Seven because he's added one girl to almost every other team, then why in the hell couldn't he think of either find ways to make her more likable to himself and thus stop yanking her damn chain or, you know, make another damn character to put in that spot that HE LIKED?!?

Oh, yeah, versions of her doing stuff like life-sucking can go give a shotgun muzzle a blow-job for all I care about them.

Diverging here (again) for a sec to also say that I dig Sasuke. Although my personal preference is definitely AUs where he's not a revenge-obsessed jack-off. Or if he still is, he at least understands the value of strength in numbers and maintaining loyalty. OR AT THE VERY LEAST does an "oh... yeah, I fucked up with that 'running away' thing, didn't I?", which is still a hell of a lot more than I've seen from him in canon. Canon versions of the guy definitely need some more concussions.


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Marco Salazar Matamoros
Costa Rica
Okay, what can I say about me? I'm a geek, I like things that might sound unusual, I must be one of the few guys in Costa Rica that might like Tabletop RPGs other than D&D (although I like that one, too, in 3(and 3.5) Edition), like Anime and Manga and American comics and all kinds of crossovers.

Current Residence: San Jose, Costa Rica
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, old Rock.
Favourite style of art: Manga and Comics
Favourite cartoon character: Birdy Cephon, Asuka Langley, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, Misato Katsuragi
Personal Quote: Against an Orc, better an AK-47!




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