Marriage Superman_Wonderwoman

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Marriage ends with the powers of any person. = D
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DanLuna General Artist
Haha! Nice!
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Vasilisa-KurosakiStudent General Artist
Nice Drawing!!!!
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I got one....

"You missed lamaze class AGAIN today Kal!!"

"Diana, there was a fire in Colombia that needed my attention."

"Fire my ass!  You went to see Lois didn't you?  DIDN'T YOU!!"

"Diana, of course not. Be reasonable."

"Mother warned me about marrying inside of work. But did I listen? NOOOOOO!!!"

"Diana.....The pot's burning."

"Then let it burn dammit!!  You need to get your priorities straight Kal El!  I am pregnant with your child, not that bitch Lois Lane! You need to show me more respect!!"

"Yes, Diana. Whatever you say..."

"And by the way, you're sleeping on the couch tonight. Or above it. I really don't care."
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Mindslave24-7Hobbyist General Artist
"What?!?! ...I took out the trash already!
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hahaha love it!
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Absolutely priceless
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GenghisDonProfessional Artist
I dig the Stanley Kowalski expression on his face.
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daniyelmoon Digital Artist
ROFL, awesome!!
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Instant LOL XD
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tianeaquinoHobbyist Artist
very funny
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JulianoPereiraStudent Traditional Artist
Poxa, coitado do Clark... Ah, e ótimo trabalho!
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"Love, a devastating disease instantly cured by marriage." Or in this case : subsitute "love" for "power".
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Pokeagal24Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kid on the way?
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TheisriberHobbyist Digital Artist
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Player-DesignerProfessional Interface Designer
Haha, nice...
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kkkk funny XD
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YusakuJon3Hobbyist Artist
Wanna bet who's wearing the pants in this family?
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Booo lol

Nice piece
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hahaha, this is great!
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I bet they are arguing over that tramp cousin of his and her loser boyfriends.
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Oh, makes me laugh
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