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Modeling Tutorial

By marcinxp
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Long awaited modeling tutorial. Well here you have it!
I finally got the time to make it.

C&C appreciated.

Plz note if you need help or have questions
about the tutorial, I tried to be as specific as possible.
Other than that, I hope you learn something from this,
and good luck.


© 2005 - 2021 marcinxp
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Very helpful, Thanks man! c:
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wszystko fajnie, stronka ciekawa, (angielski znam) ale czemu nie po polsku? do rodaków ;)
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Great tut, big help in college. Thanks :dummy:
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Clear tutorial, easy to understand :)

The only thing that could have been better is the floor...

Here's my result: [link] :D
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Cool of you to make the turtorial, my freind and I are slowly getting further involed in 4d and this will be a good boost for him (he just started but is using basic extrude techniuques) and I started using it about 6 months ago, but i think i deff will learn more things by using this. Oh and if you could do me the great service perhaps you could drop by and give me your input on a model i haveof some robot cybernetic thing on my one seems to give a rats ass about it and i assume you can guess how annoying that is sometimes.

Thanks for the turtorial
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I've only been using C4D for about 4-5 months, just tell me what the page link is and I think I can help you out.
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[link] heres the link, it was a rush job for my computer graphics class so it's not quite what i wanted. I have another project thats up and comeing soon though, concept sketches done and waiting to be converted. but anyway tell me what you think
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nice, looks cool :D
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Looks interesting :D I'll go check it out, if you havnt yet, go visit ~cinema4d
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great tut :D pozdro z polski :D
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hmm nothing i didn't know but very very useful to newer people great job on this. It's very nice of your to take time and make a tutorial. ^_^
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Thank you! I just got some programs and have been trying to figure them out! Thank you!
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Wow finally a tut from who i think isthe best modeler by far thati know of :D w00t
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wow thnx, no ones ever given me a comment like that, thank you very much
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thanx a bucnh man, ive been trying to learn how to model forever, greatest thanx go out to u
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np finally got out to help
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wooooooooo yayyyyy for marcnixp! ty for the tut :D
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I'll check this out, nice of you to donate this.
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