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Picture belongs to me, please do not use it without agreement.

Lineart: pen nib Leonardt 800 & GENERAL, Winsor&Newton INK on Canson paper.
Screentones: Photoshop patterns from [link] or from ~screentone

I created this picture to check, how it tones would look like on print. I wasn't sure if I can trust in what I see on my monitor. But screentones look very well on prints :) or rather look like they should. Like in real manga, dots, not flat grey stains like on the monitor.
Oryginally it's B&W, but looks like I hate white on the monitor and always must replace it with some kind of yellow colour.
As for the theme, I'm into s-f lately, because I reminded my very first story from time, when I just started to like manga. Heh, those childlish scenarios making me really sentimental...

EDIT: I wanted to add something to description, since it seems that many people will tell me that...I know it's similar but I wasn't inspired by disclosure virus from "Eden: It's an endless world". But in fact I was inspired by "Blame!" and it's architecture...i think so, because I was thinking about Toha Heavy Industries while drawing it, but last time when I saw Blame was 5 years ago, and while drawing I didn't look at any pages from this maybe I remember it wrong...
anyways no need for telling me, that in the end it's similar to virus crystal structure, cause I am aware of it ^^'
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I love the styling on this one!
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Better than chocolate
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Amazing dasign!! :O
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a mnie kojarzy się to z kamiennymi/metalowymi kwiatkami. Ale to chyba przez to, że nie znam Edenu xD
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WOw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O[]o!!!

cedarfan's avatar
widząc to w inboxie w pierwszej chwili pomyslalam 'mumia!' :XD:
z bliska wygląda super zwlaszcza fajnie wyszlo cieniowane, ogolem ekstra :)
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wow, that's one hell of a cyborg. Absolutely stunning!
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wygląda przezaczepiście *w* rewelacyjny projekt!
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I love how your pages are so often yellowed, or softened in some way (like those character sketches)
.. your lines are already so charming, the softer background adds a storybook feel to them (even those pieces that aren't meant to be, like this)
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Ciekawa koncepcja!:) Przypomina mi trochę rozwój wirusa z mangi Eden :D
Piece5113's avatar
This is so amazing ;A;~ The detail is just...:faints:
And the tone looks great too!
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Very very interesting. Really, that's a great use of screentones! I really hate it when the screentone used is too obvious (like if someone just slapped one pattern on top of a drawing), but that isn't the case with this picture! Not at all.

I'm diggin' the details, too. :)
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thank you very much :> although all this shading is more visible on print ;3; anyways...I'm not satisfied with just putting screentone...It looks so ugly for me that I use white brush and crosshatching this almost everywhere ;p
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More manga artists should think like you, especially the shoujo ones. :]
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bardzo fajne cieniowanie! a sam 'dizajn' kojarzy mi sie z "Edenem" <3
Marcianek's avatar
No właśnie wszyscy mi to mówią.
Tymczasem mnie wcale nie zainspirował disclosure virus a architektura z mangi "Blame!" ;p
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